This is an important moment in your life that will have an impact on your private and professional spheres. Below you will find a number of information that you should read before planning maternity leave as well as documents that should be provided to the relevant departments.

Your team

Remember to inform your supervisor in advance.


Why is it important?


At Mercer, we build a culture of mutual trust and respect. Thanks to the fact that you inform your manager about the planned maternity leave in advance, you will be able to plan the next steps together, that will minimize the stress related to your transition to maternity leave and help your colleagues efficiently take over your duties.


  • Provide the HRS team with a pregnancy certificate from your physician.
  • If you adopt or take a child as part of a foster family, you will have to provide documents issued by the court as part of the custody proceedings. You can send the scan by e-mail, but remember to also deliver the original document to the mailbox in the Mailroom on the 2nd floor or to send them by post to the following address: MMC Group Services Sp. z o.o., Prosta 68, 00-838 Warsaw, with the annotation "HRS".
  • Before leaving your job, change your e-mail address to a private one on the Reflex platform.
  • Enter your private contact number on the Workday platform and check if your other contact details are up to date. By providing a private phone number and e-mail, we will be able to contact you to provide necessary forms, documents for maternity leave, a Christmas card or information on benefits, etc. 
  • Remember to hand over your equipment (phone and computer) before you leave. If there are files that you want to keep for future use, be sure to inform the MGTI department.

Additional information

Additional protection of pregnant women


Due to the fact that you are pregnant, remember that you have additional protection. A pregnant woman may not work overtime, and may not be delegated outside of the permanent place of work without her consent.

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