We are delighted that you are coming back to us!

We hope you will find yourself in the new reality without any problems.

This is a big change and undoubtedly a logistical challenge, so take the time to settle in.


  • Medical exams

Remember that if you were on sick leave for more than 33 days before starting your maternity leave, you are obliged to do the medical examination before returning to work. You will receive the relevant information from the HRS team at your private e-mail address.


Remember to deliver your medical examinations’ results no later than the first day of work. You can deliver the document to the HRS team using the mailbox in the Mailroom on the 2nd floor or by post to the following address: MMC Group Services Sp. z o.o., Prosta 68, 00-838 Warsaw, with the annotation "HRS".


  • Induction

At the beginning, after a long absence we would like to encourage you to participate in the Induction trainings. You will have the opportunity to learn about the current practices of our organization. You can apply for training yourself or your manager can do it on your behalf. The contact person for Induction training is Monika Kocur.

If you would like to learn more about what is happening in our office, contact Karolina Szelągowska or Weronika Gorzelanna from the Communications, Culture & People Engagement team - both will be happy to help you and share latest news about the company.


Below you can find a list of portals that we use on a daily basis with up-to-date information about the company.

Additional information

Below you will find a list of additional information that may be useful.


How do I send a proper document?


  • If you want to send a scan of the document from a private e-mail address, send it to: Poland.Admin@mmc.com, send scans of documents sent from your work e-mail address to: HRservices@mmc.com. Two different addresses result from the fact that e-mails from outside the MMC network do not reach the polandhrsharedservices@mmc.com e-mail address.
  • Send the original of the documents to the HRS team by post (MMC Group Services Sp. z o. o., Prosta 68, 00-838 Warsaw, with the annotation "HRS").


Application for a reduction in the working time


During the period of entitlement to parental leave, you have the right to reduce the full-time job to a maximum of 50%. The deadline for submitting the application is minimum 21 days before the commencement of work on a reduced-time basis. If you decide to apply for a reduction, please talk to your manager.


Breaks for breast feeding


If you are breastfeeding, you are entitled to two half-hour breaks from work included in your working time. If you are breastfeeding more than one child, you are entitled to two breaks of 45 minutes each. Only women working for at least 4 hours daily can use the breastfeeding breaks. The breaks can be used together, one after the other. If you have decided to come to the office and breastfeed at work, remember that you can use the breastfeeding mother's room on the ground floor of the building. The key is at the reception desk of the building. If you plan to take these additional breaks, inform your manager and submit a proper form.


Remote work


In our organization, we mostly work in the hybrid mode, although there are teams whose specificity of work requires constant presence in the office (e.g. some roles in the Property & Admin team).


The detailed rules for remote work are specified in our Remote Work Policy. You will also directly establish the scope of your remote work with your manager.


Child care - days off for looking after a healthy child under the age of 14


A working parent of a child under the age of 14 is entitled to two paid days off from work for childcare in each calendar year, which can be used on a daily or hourly basis. The number of children you have does not increase the amount of free time, they are always two days or 16 hours. One of the parents may use the entitlement to the full extent or each of the parents may use half of the amount of days - in this case, each parent submits a separate declaration to their employer.


Parent or Legal Guardian Statement


Remember that the declaration must be submitted to the employer every year.


Additional parent statements


Parents of children up to eight years of age also specify whether they agree to work overtime, at night and to travel outside the permanent place of work.


Parent or Legal Guardian Statement


Remember that the declaration must be submitted to the employer every year.


Child care allowance due to sickness of the child


If your child is sick, you can take time off based on a sick leave. Such an absence on the basis of a sick leave is treated by the employer as an unpaid excused absence. For this period, you are entitled to a child care allowance, under the condition that you submit a Z-15 form (application for the payment of a child care allowance) to the employer. Depending on the child's age, the maximum period of receiving the allowance in a calendar year may not exceed 60 days (up to the age of 14 of the child) or 14 days (from the moment the child turns 14).


Z-15 A_child_Care Allowance Request PL


Care allowance for an unforeseen event


If your child is under the age of eight and you do not have anyone who can stay with him/her as a result of one of the following:


  • Closure of the nursery, kindergarten, school, etc.,
  • Diseases of the other parent, a person who constantly looks after the child or a nanny with whom you have a signed contract

You can take advantage of care allowance for the period of your absence from work, provided that you submit the  Z-15a form (application for payment of care allowance) to the employer. The maximum period of receiving the allowance in a calendar year may not exceed 60 days (which also includes the period of child care allowance due to sickness of the child).

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