Accident Insurance for Children 2023/2024 

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Personal accident insurance for a child with InterRisk S.A. Vienna Insurance Group

EDU Plus insurance is a comprehensive personal accident insurance for children, teenagers and students, valid during the whole school year and vacations all over the world.


  • Insured's health impairment due to a personal accident - Insurance coverage throughout the school year and vacations worldwide.
  • Telemedicine - consultations with an internist, pediatrician or dietetics via phone, chat or video call.
  • Lyme Disease Package - Coverage for tests, doctor's visit and payment of a one-time benefit if diagnosed.
  • e-Rehabilitation - rehabilitation sessions at home under the remote supervision of an experienced physiotherapist.
4 options to choose:
Option I
SI* 80 000 PLN
Option II
SI 40 000 PLN
Option III
SI 30 000 PLN
Option IV
SI 20 000 PLN
145 PLN/ year 85 PLN/ year 59 PLN/ year 41 PLN/ year
*SI- Sum Insured      

Get your child insured now!

Confirmation of insurance is in the form of a certificate that is sent to the parent's email.

Enter the Client ID: 4gy86


InterRisk insurance offer for parents. You can find more information in the brochure.

Here you will find instructions for purchasing accident insurance "school".

If you have additional questions, please contact us:

01/09/2023-31/08/2024 provided that the child is registered for insurance by 15/09/2023.

The program is for employees' children up to 18 years, in case of continuing education up to 25 years.

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