Planning for an Uncertain Future: Norway Pensions 2020 & Beyond 

Our recent study indicates that more than 4 out of 10 Norwegians are stressed about financial security and that only 15% pay into private savings plans. 9 out of 10 employees trust their employer to give sound, independent advice on planning, saving and investing for retirement but only 3 out of 10 employers have a regular plan for assessing and building employees knowledge about pension. There is clearly a gap between perception and reality and how far employers are actually going to ensure sustainability for employees’ plans.

This Mercer Marsh Benefits paper explores future risks to the sustainability of Defined Contribution pension plans in Norway and the impact of new reforms including the Egen Pensjonskonto / Own Pension plan reform in 2021 and how employers must guide their people to take greater personal responsibility for their pension savings.

Employers have a responsibility to carefully and constructively inform employees about the realities of their pension — without introducing more financial stress
Tore Martin Andersen

Country Leader and Senior Consultant, Mercer Marsh Benefits Norway

Tore Martin Andersen
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