Pensions market update and more
- with an ESG and investment lens

Join our webinar on the latest developments in the market for pensions in Denmark, with special focus on ESG, investments and the coming EU Directive on Pay Transparency & Pay Equity and what organizations need to prepare for.

  • During this webinar, we will explore the evolving landscape of the pensions investment market in Denmark and the growing importance of ESG considerations in investment decisions and savings strategies.
  • You will get an overview of the interconnectedness of ESG factors and the evolving risk landscape, what effects are we seeing today, which trends will impact tomorrow, and what can companies do to utilize and capitalize on this.
  • Further, we will examine the prospective influence of the EU Directive on Pay Transparency & Pay Equity on the Danish market. A directive which may prove to have a significant impact in reducing the gender gap in pension savings. What is needed in order to live up to the regulation, and what can companies do to prepare?

We will be hosting the webinar in both Danish (morning) and English (afternoon). Please register to the language of choice below.

We look forward to your participation and an enriching discussion on the developments in the Pensions market in Denmark, with an ESG perspective.

Register now! 

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