Benefits link employee experience with business goals

Our consultant expertise, market-leading technology and global reach mean we can partner with clients to create benefits strategies that meet the needs of all their stakeholders, no matter what the size and complexity of their business.

Employee benefits are a crucial element of every employer value proposition. MMB’s benefits consultants partner with our clients to identify how to motivate and engage their employees, and build a benefits programme that achieves that.

Create the right culture
In a competitive market for talent, current and potential employees need proof that they are valued and to work in a supportive, positive culture.

Support business goals
From an employer perspective, employee benefits help to put corporate purpose into action, define the behaviours that the business wants and are at the core of a positive workplace culture.

Meet client needs
Our extensive benefits knowledge, global reach, exceptional relationships with providers and extensive client base mean that our benefits consultants are able to design, deliver and evaluate programmes that meet both business and employee needs.

Look at the whole workplace experience
The breadth of expertise across Mercer means that we can also look beyond benefits in isolation and bring together expertise from across our benefits, careers and wealth divisions to create a joined-up approach that supports all aspects of employees’ experience.

A long-term consulting relationship

MMB’s benefits consulting approach encompasses everything from benefits strategy design to employee communications and engagement support.
  • Employee engagement and communications

    Effective engagement and communication help employees understand, value and access their benefits.

    We can help you create communications that cut through the noise to really engage employees.

  • Employee health and wellbeing

    Supporting the health and wellbeing of your people reduces business risk and creates a positive workplace culture. Find out about MMB’s combined consultant expertise and technology to support better employee wellbeing.
  • Employee benefits strategy, design and implementation

    We partner with our clients for the long term, to help them define, design, implement and review a benefits strategy as agile as their business goals.
  • Flexible benefits

    Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) combines consultant expertise with our market-leading Darwin technology platform to offer employers and their employees consumer-grade flexible benefits experiences.
  • Group Life Master Trust

    The Group Life Master Trust (GLMT) by Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) is a flexible and simple trust solution for Group Life Assurance (GLA) as a valuable workplace employee benefit.
  • Healthcare analysis

    Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) helps organisations better understand their healthcare data, then use bespoke analytics and insights to drive better cost control, predict future needs and help employees make the most of their wellbeing benefits.
  • Lifestage health

    Lifestage Health goes beyond women’s health to offer health education, support and solutions for a broader workforce demographic regardless of life or career phase, age or gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship status and more.
  • Neurodiversity

    Mercer has developed tools to engage and educate employees on the topic of neurodiversity. Solutions include training, support, and access to assessment services.
  • Outsourced benefits management

    Outsourced benefits management frees up time for HR to focus on developing benefits strategy, helps to control costs and reduces risk.
  • Reward and benefits benchmarking

    Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) helps employers benchmark their benefits offering against other organisations, sectors and geographies.
  • Solutions for international employees

    Mercer Marsh Benefits provides international employee benefits support to businesses of all sizes. Our global benefits expertise helps employers of all sizes provide employee health and insurance benefits to their employees.
  • Employee benefits for the education sector

    Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) employee benefits for the education sector services create tailor-made benefits solutions for independent schools, colleges, academies and universities.

Benefits consulting that supports new business thinking

The dynamics of business success are changing fast. In the new, multi-stakeholder model of business, customers, employees, value chains and the community in which organisations operate are becoming every bit as important as shareholders.

That requires different thinking from HR, benefits practitioners and their consultants about:

  • Employer value proposition
  • The link between benefits and authentic corporate purpose
  • Connecting business strategy with people strategy
  • Managing people risk
  • Understanding employees’ needs
  • Sustainability and ESG objectives
But putting that new thinking into practice can be daunting, especially when everyday pressures on HR and benefits teams are so acute. MMBs’s benefits consultants bring expertise and market knowledge, backed up by technology, to help rethink benefits for a new age of business.

Start the debate about future-ready benefits

Whether you are reviewing an existing benefits strategy or starting from scratch, MMB’s benefits consultants can help you get started:
  • Start the debate - involve key decision-makers and internal stakeholders about what the organisation wants to achieve through its benefits strategy.
  • Share insights and benchmark – MMB’s benefits consultants have a wealth of experience and data analytics that can identify competitor behaviours, key mega-trends and global insights to help shape your own benefits strategy.
  • Define a roadmap – Benefits strategies evolve over time. We’ll work with you to identify what you want to achieve through your benefits strategy and help you put a plan in place to achieve that, implement it and continue to measure success.
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