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The modern workplace is going through a transformation. Changes to how we work, where we work, and what motivates us requires companies to adopt new strategies that help you acquire and retain employees.

You want to encourage diversity and offer flexibility, while coping with the new normal of the digital world. But it can leave even the most driven talent in your organisation challenged.

Workplace transformation - why you need a workforce and career strategy:

  • Business and human resource (HR) strategies are misaligned.
  • Talent strategy components are not equipped for the future shape of work.
  • Talent practices are misaligned with business priorities.
  • Workforce strategies are not keeping pace with business model changes.
  • Mercer knows how to meet these challenges and we can work with you to meet them, head on.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Find out how Mercer can support you with developing a roadmap to deliver a holistic DEI strategy through opportunity, experience, pay and health and financial wellbeing interventions and outcomes.
  • Employee experience

    Deliver a world-class employee experience via a strategy that combines insight and instinct. At Mercer, we listen to what your employees want and use our skill and know-how to make it happen.
  • Employee rewards

    Mercer can help you reward and motivate your employees to secure your business objectives and nurture the best leadership talent to hit your performance goals. Our pensions, HR and benefit specialists can help drive your workforce transformation.
  • HR transformation

    Find out how Mercer can enhance the effectiveness of your HR function to add long-term business value, with HR process redesign, HRIS implementation, HR talent development and more.
  • Skills-based talent management

    Mercer can provide the insights you need to advance skills-based talent and pay practices in your organisation, with our comprehensive suite of consulting, data and technology services and applications.
  • Talent

    Find out how Mercer can help you build flexible talent strategies that drive top business performance, enabling talented employees to follow their ambitions and reach their full potential.
  • Workforce transformation

    Mercer can help you identify future people and skills needs and plan how to meet them, so you can make informed, effective decisions about your future workforce.
  • Executive Compensation

    Mercer’s executive compensation consultants help organisations design compensation policies and incentive plans that are aligned to performance, defensible to external stakeholders, linked to wider reward strategy and designed to drive future performance.

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