Transformation, talent and your employee experience

Mercer has the global expertise and the local knowledge to create a world-class employee experience.

Our digital focus groups are agile and enable us to understand employee sentiment about topics such as wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and sustainability in a swift, cost-effective manner.

We use technologies including Conjoint Analysis to create a data based view of employee preferences on reward and benefit elements, enabling cost modelling and EVP redesign to help you retain talent.

Pulse surveys provide a robust, scalable and benchmarked view of employee opinions on contemporary organisational issues and actions plans.

The combination of these and other methods brings the rigour of consumer research into the HR domain.

The resulting data can provide assurance to senior management about the quality of people management, plus insight about what is working and where change is needed, through the eyes of the ‘consumer’: the employee.

Discover what employees value the most out of your employment value proposition; create the right experience and retain the talent you need to thrive.

Mercer and employee experience - solutions

Your company’s employee experience can push your organisation forward. Our services can show you how to reward and incentivise your workforce.
  • Employee listening

    A continuous connectivity platform that helps you to enhance employee experience, unlock performance, leverage insights, and empower change in your organisation.
  • Employee communication

    People are social creatures. We need to talk to one other. We exchange ideas. And we discuss and debate our views, to form opinions and make decisions about the things that affect us.
  • Employee experience design

    Mercer’s employee experience design uses design-thinking principles to define and shape solutions to meet your people’s needs more effectively and to bring out the best in them.

How we are designing the employee experience

Mercer’s human-led design approach comprises three key phases for designing a stand-out employee experience.
  1. Defining the problem
    We analyse and empathise with key people challenges that influence the employee experience and desired outcomes. We use workshops, analytics, and data-driven insights from multiple sources, such as interviews, focus groups, engagement surveys, and pulse surveys.
  2. We design the solution
    This phase uses personas, journey -mapping, and design-thinking techniques to co-create, prioritize and validate tailored solutions. This helps us focus your energy where it makes the most sense.
  3. Activate for maximum impact
    This phase includes developing a change and communications strategy and determining branding needs and digital needs. Built- in feedback mechanisms, including employee research, surveys, and analytics, can help measure progress and add agility to better so you can adapt more effectively to employee needs and your business agenda.

What Mercer’s employee experience looks like

We create experiences people crave.

Eighty-five percent of HR teams are co-creating the employee experience together with employees.

Designing an employee experience that is focused on the individual is key to creating an enduring relationship; no one is better placed to shape the employee experience than employees themselves.

Mercer’s employee-led approach enables organizations to create a holistic roadmap and ensure employees have a curated experience throughout their journey with your organisation.

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