Simple, streamlined benefits renewal management

Managing benefits renewals for our clients saves businesses time, streamlines the process and makes sure you have access to the best new benefits ideas. Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) review your current offering and explore employee data, match your needs with the right provider, present recommendations and then implement the policy for you.

Design the right benefits for your current and future workforce

Offering your people the right benefits means supporting them in their moments that matter, whether that’s a period of ill health, saving for retirement, or providing for family members.

To continue to make a genuine difference to employees’ lives, businesses need to regularly review their benefits so that they remain fit for purpose and appropriate for the workforce.

Mercer works with our clients to reassess the relationship between business objectives, employees’ needs and benefits strategy. We then renew and reshape your offering to make sure it meets future needs.

Make sure benefits remain relevant, valuable and accessible

Employee benefits need to be relevant and accessible to your current workforce to deliver genuine value. Making sure that your package is fair, equitable and suited to all of your employees is becoming a greater priority in a competitive talent market.

We support employers through every stage of the benefits renewal process:

  1. Define objectives
    Our consultants start off by understanding what our clients want to achieve from the benefits they offer. Are there particular behaviours that you would like to drive, such as greater engagement or becoming an employer of choice?
  2. Understand and control costs
    We work within our clients’ budget and budget cycles to make sure benefits are affordable and deliver the best possible return on investment.
  3. Identify relevant benefits
    Employee benefits need to be appropriate and attractive to the people who work for you. We use demographic analysis to inform benefit design and make sure that the benefits you offer continue to be right for your workforce.
  4. Find the best solution
    MMB’s global size and scale means that we can negotiate exceptional benefits for our clients with providers, both in terms of pricing and breadth of cover.

Take a fresh look at your benefits strategy

As businesses rethink their corporate purpose and become more agile, making sure that employee benefits continue to attract, retain and reward employees is vital.
  • Listen to your workforce and understand what matters to them, what will add value for them all year round, and how to support them should they need to make a claim.
  • Be open to new ways of thinking and finding solutions that use your benefits budget to maximum effect across the workforce.
  • Explain benefits so employees understand what they are being offered, the advantages they offer and where they can access them.
  • Actively manage your benefits strategy in tandem with your business goals and people strategy, to make sure they remain aligned.
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