A performance-driven employee reward strategy

Today’s job market is extremely competitive and finding talent has never been more of a challenge.

The right salary and or compensation package can help meet that challenge and mean you can retain staff who can grow with your company.

Mercer partners with clients to design incentives that are motivating and appropriate for their particular market.

This means:

  • Tailoring remuneration and incentives to your strategy, culture and operating model, and the wider employment landscape including job evaluation.
  • Creating models to ensure outcomes are defensible; this means making sure you have a job evaluation strategy that can be tested against a wide range of performance outcomes. The plans we design will take into account the market context, affordability and the expectations of shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders.

The plans we design will take into account the market context, affordability and the expectations of shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders.

How Mercer can enhance your employee rewards offering

Are you paying too much — or too little — for emerging jobs and skills? Are other companies offering incentives or programs you don’t have? Our benchmark database uses the most accurate and up-to-date market data practices for evaluating and establishing competitive compensation. With Mercer’s job evaluation tools, you’ll have access to relevant market data that helps you calibrate pay levels across countries and industries.

We can solve your most pressing employee reward with our Packaged Workforce Reward Consulting Solutions.

Our Packaged Workforce Reward Consulting Solutions are built on Mercer’s HR consulting heritage, delivering best practice design combined with practical tools. Our solutions establish the foundations for more effective HR and employee reward management in the areas of highest focus, including:

  • Grading and pay management
  • Sales compensation
  • Company cars
  • Gender pay reporting and equal pay
  • Job evaluation
  • Compensation, data, insights and research

    Mercer compensation, benefits and workforce metrics solutions provide current and relevant data across a variety of critical functions, industries, organisations and sectors.
  • Executive compensation

    Mercer’s executive compensation consultants help organisations design compensation policies and incentive plans that are aligned to performance, defensible to external stakeholders, linked to wider reward strategy and designed to drive future performance.
  • Compelling Employee Value Proposition

    Strengthen your employee value proposition and inspire higher levels of motivation, productivity and workplace satisfaction with a redefined total rewards strategy that goes beyond optimization of just pay and benefits.
  • Job and career architecture

    Mercer's job architecture and career frameworks offering delivers tools/activities that support you and help  influence employees to make career decisions that benefit employees and align with the organization’s talent.
  • Job evaluation (IPE)

    Mercer IPE delivers job analysis and job evaluation projects using our International Position Evaluation (IPE) system.
  • Packaged workforce rewards consulting solutions

    Simple, intuitive solutions to accelerate your growth strategy and help your people thrive.
  • Pay equity and transparency

    Compare salaries and benefits amongst a large number of businesses and jobs so you ensure you attract, retain and engage the right talent.
  • Reward strategy

    What does ‘reward’ mean to your unique employee population? Mercer can help you find out and build an employee rewards program that works.
  • Talent All Access Platform (TAAP)

    Knowledge is powerful. Time is limited. Talent All Access gives you both with quick to find and easy to digest content.

Our background - our employee reward expertise

Mercer acquired Kepler associates in 2015. This then enabled us to combine Kepler’s executive reward expertise with our global capabilities.

This means:

  • We can focus on providing high-quality tailored and independent remuneration advice.
  • We can develop a deep understanding of each client’s business and help ensure their reward strategy supports the needs of the business and reinforces success.
  • Companies that select Mercer see the way they remunerate the career progression of their executives and staff as a potential source of competitive advantage.

We are experts in advising on career remuneration with experience in incentive design, performance measurement, target-setting, reward policy development, job evaluation, pay benchmarking, pensions and benefits and tax/accounting/legal issues.

We also offer strong support around career remuneration governance, pay disclosure, shareholder engagement and consultation, and implementation/communication support. We have a track record of helping clients obtain shareholder approval for their executive reward arrangements.

Of course, companies evolve too, so you need an employee rewards programme that allows you to adapt and thrive.

Mercer can:

  • Determine the best rewards strategy for your company — or harmonise strategies following a merger or an acquisition
  • Make the most of your new HR management system with a well-designed job architecture
  • Establish a career framework to support a more integrated talent platform
  • Implement base and incentive plans designed to meet your unique needs
  • Unlock organisational capability by focusing on skills and empowering employees to own their careers
  • Conduct a pay equity study and make a plan to strengthen pay equity within your company

Mercer has extensive databases at its disposal – these are international and cover executive pay in the UK listed environment, specialist sector surveys and international data from our range of surveys. This grounds our advice in data sources and ensures our clients have a reasoned approach for their remuneration strategy.

We also work on joint projects with our international colleagues on a daily basis and have a strong, cohesive international team. We provide international executive compensation advice, which is sensitive to local markets, supports investor objectives and is based on the global group strategy.

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