We aim to help you make a positive difference to the lives of more people

With more individuals turning to their employers for help and support with financial concerns, help needs to go beyond an increase in salary. We can help employers by offering their workforce a more holistic approach to support. Providing education, guidance and advice, in a tailored package to suit your needs and increase employee engagement and ease financial concerns.

Latest financial wellbeing insights

    Boost individuals' financial planning today

    Mercer's Private Wealth Financial Planners help individuals take control of their personal finances and feel confident about the future.
    • Private wealth management

      We help you navigate through complexities of today's financial world. Our team of highly qualified financial planners and investment managers will work with you to build a successful financial future, where you can live a happy, secure and prosperous life.
    • Financial wellbeing

      Mercer provides holistic financial wellbeing solutions that can support an entire workforce. Recognising the connectivity between physical, mental and financial health, we have pulled together knowledge and experience to offer programmes that will address your people risk.
    • Guidance

      Pensions can be complicated for members, trustees and employers. Pensions guidance can help your members make the right retirement choice.
    • Education

      Financial education should be at the core of your financial wellbeing strategy as employees struggle with their finances in the cost of living crisis.
    • Investments

      Discover research, advice, investment solutions and OCIO services designed to help investors capture opportunities, manage risks and achieve financial objectives.
    • Sustainable investment

      Drawing on two decades of experience, we offer research, advice, tools and solutions to help you wherever you are on your sustainable investing journey.
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