Harness the power of digital solutions in your employee benefits

Digital solutions can transform workforce wellbeing, engagement and culture. They also enhance employer value propositions by making benefits more visible and accessible.

Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) is committed to staying at the forefront of the technical and data revolution in employee benefits, and innovation sits at the heart of our digital solutions strategy.

Employees get a consumer grade experience that drives greater visibility of their benefits package, enhances communications and improves engagement.

Businesses can more clearly understand how employees are using their benefits through improved efficiencies, analytics and risk management.

To make sure that technology delivers the right outcomes and return on investment for your organisation, our market-leading consultancy services offer specialist support and relevant insights at every stage of the digital journey.

Discover Mercer Marsh Benefits employee benefits technology

From financial wellbeing to flexible benefits platforms, Mercer Marsh Benefits cutting-edge digital solutions give employees a consumer grade benefits experience.
  • Mental Health Awareness for All

    Discover how we're helping to smash the stigma against Mental Health and help employees thrive and perform at their best through our new digital workplace mental health training course.
  • Darwin

    The No 1 benefits management and engagement platform from Mercer takes automation, user experience and analysis to a whole new level.

Technology makes benefits visible and valuable

In a highly competitive talent market, employee benefits strategies are about more than a collection of products.

Technology such as Darwin, combined with MMB’s consulting expertise, helps employees access their benefits when then need them, personalise their experience and ultimately get value from using them. Employers have powerful analysis tools to give them clarity over usage, value and return on investment.

  • Meet employee expectations

    Employees live in a technology-driven society. They expect the same consumer-grade user experience from their benefits platform as they have in other parts of life.
  • Flexibility

    Where, when and how employees work is changing significantly. Flexible, powerful benefits technology enables employers to offer appropriate, fair benefits to all of the workforce, no matter where they are based or when they work.
  • Choice and personalisation

    A diverse, inclusive workforce needs diverse, inclusive benefits. Technology enables employees to choose the benefits that suit their needs, personalise them and manage them in ways that suit their lifestyle.
  • Wellbeing

    Employee wellbeing, and mental health in particular, continues to rise up boardroom agendas. Technology platforms like Darwin harness the power of digital solutions to enable your workforce to lead happier, healthier lives.
  • Data Analytics

    Employers need to evaluate key performance indicators and return on investment quickly and easily, as well as connect benefits data to wider business and people analytics. Benefits technology platforms such as Darwin combine accessibility with exceptional analytical power.

Rethink your benefits for a digital age

Employee benefits technology offers unparalleled opportunities to redesign people’s experiences at work and create a benefits strategy as agile as your business.

  • Understand employee needs – digital solutions such as Darwin offer exceptional flexibility to meet every employee’s expectation. Combine this with listening to your employees, understanding their needs and offering benefits using technology to meet their aspirations.
  • Benchmark your approach – in a competitive talent market it’s important to understand how the technology and benefits that you offer compare to others in your sector. MMB’s unique wealth of data across both UK and global companies gives employees deep insights into current and future trends.
  • Align benefits with business goals – the flexibility and power offered by solutions such as Darwin mean that employers can make sure their benefits strategy supports wider business goals.

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