Our latest thinking for defined contribution schemes

The world of defined contribution (DC) pension schemes never stands still as regulation increases, markets shift and opportunities open up. Here is some of our latest thinking — ranging from diversifying assets to improving member outcomes and supporting their financial wellbeing.

Latest insights

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    Mercer has a full range of services and solutions to help you put your defined contribution pension scheme on track. From expert human insight to proprietary products, we aim to help you reduce risk, increase value and secure better outcomes for your members.
    • Mercer DC Master Trust
      Outsourcing your workplace pension scheme to the Mercer DC Master Trust can deliver cost and time savings for your business and opportunities to improve outcomes for your people.
    • DC Consulting
      We help defined contribution (DC) pension schemes improve communication, governance and investment to enhance outcomes for your members, manage risk and build your members’ confidence in their DC pension scheme. As DC consultants we put members first in everything we do.
    • SmartPath
      Mercer SmartPath is a defined contribution investment strategy that helps your pension scheme members cut through complexity to help achieve a retirement outcome that suits their lifestyle and needs.
    • DC MOT
      Our DC MOT is a comprehensive pension audit that checks whether you and your members are getting good value when company and personal finances are under strain.
    • Mercer Money
      Our financial wellbeing app uses open banking technology to give your employees a holistic, near real-time view of their finances. It offers users personalised alerts and insights, and modelling and budget-setting tools to help them manage their money.
    • Retirement Readiness Index (RRI)
      Our Retirement Readiness Index is a DC pension review that puts member outcomes first. RRI conducts a retirement assessment for each member and suggests actions that could put them on track for a comfortable lifestyle when they stop work.
    • Financial wellbeing
      Employee financial wellbeing is increasingly important for organisations as the cost of living increases. Mercer’s Financial Wellbeing Index helps you understand how you measure up and where you should direct your resources to provide support for your people in a more holistic way.
    • Governance
      An effective system of pension trustee governance is at the core of every well-run pension scheme. Ensuring that you have all of the policies and procedures in place to achieve this will lead to better outcomes for your members and give you more time back to focus on your strategic aims.
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