Employee benefits communications that spark engagement

Create communications that bring your employee benefits to life with the help of Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) creative engagement team.

Creating brilliant benefits engagement in unexpected ways

Companies invest large sums providing benefits for their employees. How do they help employees see the value in their benefits and get return on their investment?

Our Creative Engagement team is made up of consultants and designers all with one shared mission – to paint a picture of how benefits add value to employees’ lives so they understand how to use them and appreciate them more. We create communications that cut through business noise, capture employees’ attention and change behaviours.

Three ingredients for engagement excellence

We focus on three principles to help give benefits a presence in the business and engage employees:
  1. Visual
    A visual benefits brand that resonates with employees and reflects the values and personality of the business will clearly signpost benefit communications. When employees see it they think “This is for me”.
  2. Method
    The right methods of communication ensure messages land with their target audience. A focus on the latest innovations means we can always bring fresh thinking to a project.
  3. Content
    Clearly crafted content is more engaging. The clearer your meaning, the easier it is for employees to understand and take action.
Whatever your objectives or business priorities our approach gets results.
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