Employee health and wellbeing at the heart of your business

Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) health and wellbeing consultants help organisations create a culture of health, establish a business case for wellbeing and analyse the impact of wellbeing strategies on business performance.

Wellbeing strategies as agile as your business

Ongoing business change is creating new health risks, driving the need for more agile wellbeing strategies.

Employees’ expectations of workplace wellbeing benefits are also shifting, with benefits like mental health support seen as an important element of positive workplace culture.

But organisations often struggle to establish the business case for wellbeing, even if they understand the risks of poor employee health. As a result, solutions are reactive and focused on disparate products and benefits, rather than proactive and aligned with wider business strategies and culture.

There is a better way. By understanding your business and using data insights, MMB can help you create an engaging and sustainable strategy that ensures employees get long-term support for all aspects of their wellbeing – physical, mental, social and financial.

Good health is good business

MMB’s expert team of clinical consultants work with you to understand your organisation’s health and wellbeing needs.  We can then deliver tailored, integrated health-risk management and wellbeing solutions that create a culture of wellbeing, manage health risks and drive better business performance.
  • Digital solutions
    Darwin , Mercer’s digital wellbeing platform, helps all employees to develop better health habits.
  • Risk management
    Our insurance-based solutions, including private medical insurance and Group Life Master Trust, enable you to provide the cover that your employees need.
  • Cost-efficiency
    MMB’s scale and strong partnerships with leading insurers means that we can negotiate cost-effective cover for businesses of all sizes.
  • Data analytics
    We can help you benchmark your offering against others in your sector, model future claims costs, and help you see the big picture of wellbeing across your organisation.
  • Communications
    Stand-out communications across a range of formats help your employees engage and see the value in their wellbeing benefits.
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