Workforce transformation in a climate of constant change

To remain competitive in an environment of rapid market shifts, businesses must rethink their organisational goals and evolve their corporate purpose – at speed.

Workforce transformation is a cornerstone of that change management process, as people strategies strive to keep pace with organisational change.

We build long-term partnerships with clients to help them make informed, effective decisions about their future workforce.

Start with people:

We put people at the heart of our workforce transformation practices, enabling employers to create a fair, equitable workplace that engages employees and enables them to perform at their best.

Global expertise:

Mercer’s specialised HR consulting consultants have decades of experience of rethinking organisational design across different regions, cultures, languages and business sectors.

A personal approach:

We build partnerships with our clients as their trusted advisors that drive workforce transformation and make sure people strategies remain aligned with business goals.


Mercer works with businesses to understand people issues from a data perspective and help them develop a strategy for the future.

New thinking blended with experience:

Mercer consultants’ wide expertise and thought leadership help us deliver innovative thinking in a pragmatic way.

Partner with Mercer to drive workforce transformation

Mercer’s workforce transformation consultants build long-term partnerships with clients to help them make informed, effective decisions about their future workforce.
  • Change management

    Become a more agile organisation by having the strategy, data, policies and processes in place to manage workforce change effectively.
  • Culture

    We help employers create an authentic culture that builds trust, inspires your people and aligns with your corporate strategy.
  • Flexible working

    Design flexible working policies and practices that help people perform at their best, balance consistency with local management discretion, and form part of an agile organisational culture.
  • Internal talent marketplace

    Identify your current and future talent needs and build the right framework to develop people’s skills for future business growth.
  • Organisational design

    A flexible, appropriately skilled workforce will be better placed to adapt as business needs and organisational design change.
  • People strategy

    Creating a people strategy that attracts and retains the talented people you need means listening to employees as well as aligning HR strategies with business goals.
  • Strategic workforce planning

    Mercer’s long-term partnerships with our clients enables us to help them plan strategically to transform workplace practices and identify future people needs.
  • Work design

    Redesign work to make sure it is meaningful and sustainable for people, enables faster business decision-making and helps your organisation become more agile.
  • Workforce analytics

    Create a lasting competitive advantage, improve workforce planning and better understand your future skills and talent needs through workforce analytics.

Culture, change management and the future of work

Creating a positive brand, driving employee engagement and performance, and building a positive working environment all directly affect business’s profitability.

Business change without workforce transformation will lead to talent gaps that impede employers’ ability to deliver their strategy.  Mercer helps organisations address the challenges they face:

Organisations are struggling to attract and retain people with the skills and experience they need to meet changing business goals.

Organisations often struggle to understand what is limiting people’s performance or productivity – or how to improve it.

As an organisation’s goals and purpose evolve, its future skills needs will change too. In a competitive employment market, employers must identify the skills they need, when they will need them and how to bring those skills into the current workforce.

Businesses need to develop flexible ways of working to enable people to perform at their best.  Flexible working also opens up opportunities to attract a wider range of talent, and create a more inclusive workforce.

To respond to changing markets, businesses need to be more agile and flexible. That means reviewing workplace structures and organisational redesign – which, in turn, requires workforce transformation.

Creating a positive working environment is crucial to attracting and retaining employees. Employers can build on their existing culture, or start afresh to design an aspirational workplace and identify behaviours that will make their business a great place to work.

Even in a time of unprecedented change, employers need to back up their decision-making with robust data around internal and external labour markets, skills taxonomies and future workforce planning.

Workforce transformation starts here

The scale and speed of workforce transformation can be daunting, especially when it is part of an entire organisational redesign.

Prioritise workforce change management

Understand what will make you an employer of choice, retain existing employees and develop the skills you need to align your workforce with future business goals.

We guide organisations through identifying and implementing transformational people changes and ensuring that HR strategies can deliver the growth that the business demands.

Take a data-driven approach

Data is the bedrock of well-structured workforce transformation.

Mercer works with businesses to collect, benchmark and interpret qualitative as well as quantitative people data. This informs decisions about culture, workforce planning and organisational design.

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