Global employee benefits for a mobile workforce

International businesses have wide-ranging benefits challenges such as multiple legislative requirements, managing the cost of international coverage and meeting employees’ expectations.

Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) global expertise means that we can help employers of all sizes deliver compelling, cost-effective benefits for a globally mobile workforce.

International employee benefits need global expertise

Employees with global roles are a key, high-value part of an organisation’s workforce. Ensuring they have support and appropriate insurance cover in place is critical both to their wellbeing and also the success of the business.

Designing benefits for mobile employees in international roles requires specialist expertise, market-leading digital solutions and data analytics skills. MMB combines these to help you manage the complexity and people risks associated with international workforces, as well as meeting the high expectations of all of your mobile employees.

  • Wide-ranging expertise to support the design of insurance programmes and global mobility policies.
  • Outstanding relationships with global insurers that enable us to broker the right cover for the best return on investment.
  • Exceptional risk management, making sure solutions are compliant and liabilities for uninsured risks are addressed.
  • Offer employees peace of mind that they and often their families are protected should the worst happen and cared for in moments that matter.

Market-leading solutions for international businesses of all sizes

MMB works with businesses of all sizes – from individuals to large corporates – across a wide range of sectors to create market-leading and tailored solutions.
  • Digitally enabled
    We combine our consultant expertise with digital solutions such as Darwin, our market-leading employee benefits platform. Darwin enables employees to access and personalize their benefits from anywhere in the world, at any time and on any device.
  • Based on data
    Our wealth of client data and analytics enable us to give businesses unique insights into their market position. We can help identify whether your benefits offering will attract and retain talent in the regions where you want to operate, and plan to address any gaps in your programme.
  • For the long term
    We build lasting partnerships with our global clients that cover the whole benefits design lifecycle, from creating and implementing a roadmap of benefits, to reviewing performance and return on investment.

Your international benefits strategy starts here

Whether your employees are carrying out globally mobile assignments for the first time, or whether you are reviewing a existing benefits strategy, MMB can help.  Some great first steps include:

Talk to your global workforce – even if they are not in the same physical location, collectively your international mobile employees will be able to give you invaluable insights into whether your existing benefits meet their needs and those of their families.

Look towards future needs – as global business evolves and reshapes itself after the Covid-19 pandemic, benefits strategies will also need to evolve to make sure they remain aligned with organisational goals. MMB can help you generate fresh ideas to remain competitive and ensure return on investment.

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