Future strategy starts here

Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) helps employers understand how their benefits offering compares to other organisations that they compete against.

The scale and depth of our data means that we can help clients benchmark themselves by geography, competitor set or sector. 

We then help our clients use those benchmarks to develop strategies that meet business goals, attract and retain talent and create a truly effective benefits strategy.

How benchmarking supports benefits design

MMB works with clients to understand their objectives, challenges and organisational needs. We then help them to meet those needs through benefits scheme design, making use of benchmarking at every point.
  • Discover

    Understand employees’ current experiences through surveys and listening exercises.

    Audit current benefits offerings to see if they are fit for purpose.

    Carry out sector or geographical benchmarking to understand how clients compare to the market as a whole.

  • Design

    Support decision-making and build compelling business cases using robust benchmark data.

    Create targets and objectives for future strategy based on competitor analysis.

  • Deliver
    Procure benefits that, based on our benchmarking analysis, are best in class and suited to clients’ employee needs.
  • Demonstrate

    Show return on investment.

    On-going benchmarking against competitor sets to ensure that benefits continue to be competitive.

Our benchmarking covers all areas of health, risk and wealth to provide neutral, strategic insights that transform your benefits strategy and deliver return on investment.

That includes anonymised insights from Darwin, our market-leading benefits technology platform which is available across 116 countries and in 43 languages.

Data and insights on an unparalleled scale

As a leading global benefits consultant, MMB has access to benchmarking data on an unparalleled scale.

We can use many different points of comparison to provide sophisticated reports for our clients that enable them to understand their position in sectors and markets, and how to take their benefits scheme design to the next level.

That could either be as a standalone benchmarking exercise, or as the starting point for benefits strategy redesign.

MMB’s career and wealth consulting divisions work in harmony with employee benefits consulting. We can connect these different disciplines together for businesses and help them take a joined-up approach to benchmarking and scheme design.

Getting started with benchmarking

Benchmarking helps businesses evolve their employee benefits approach from reacting to problems in the workforce, to creating a more sustainable approach which predicts future needs.

  • Benchmark against business objectives
    Find out how your benefits strategy compares to your top-level business goals and values.
  • Look at your workforce holistically
    Benchmarking can help businesses understand whether their benefits are genuinely inclusive, identify any gaps and create a more personalised approach.
  • Compare with other businesses
    Gather data internally so that you can start to compare your offering against others in your market.
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