Take a joined-up approach to talent strategies

Our talent consultants bring together global expertise from across the Mercer group, joining the dots between career development, reward and benefits through Mercer Marsh Benefits, workforce transformation and HR expertise.

Across those disciplines, Mercer combines consulting, data and technology to help organisations of all sizes benchmark their talent offering to inform future policy, ensure fairness, create compelling employee value propositions and design competitive reward and benefits offerings.

That could include:

  • Exploring talent acquisition strategies
  • Linking talent strategies to future business growth
  • Creating fair, inclusive talent propositions
  • Developing robust policies for good talent governance
  • Reviewing and creating global talent mobility programmes

Our client base ranges from small businesses that want to move from an ad hoc approach to talent development to more structured policies, through to multinationals with complex career pathways who want to transform their entire employee experience.

How Mercer’s expertise and services support your talent

Take the next steps in your talent strategy by working with Mercer’s global consultants and services. Find out more about our services here:
  • Talent assessment

    Find out how we can benchmark your current talent policies, identify gaps and build a roadmap to future excellence.
  • Talent mobility

    Discover Mercer’s unique ability to bring together data, consulting technology and benefits to support globally mobile talent.
  • Talent strategy

    As business needs change, talent strategies must change with them. Find out how Mercer can help you create an agile talent strategy.

Talent strategies that meet your future business needs

Over time, employers’ talent strategies can become a dusty archive of former business priorities, policies and practices. They cease to be fit for purpose and can even be damaging to future business growth.

Mercer’s talent consultants help you to:

  • See the big picture
    Take a step back and ask whether you can explain your approach to talent in the context of wider business goals.  We’ll help you move from ‘we’ve always done it that way’, to ‘this is what the business and our people need’.
  • Take a global view
    As business becomes more global, many of our clients also want to create better opportunities for an internationally mobile workforce. Mercer’s expertise can support you from the policies and legislation required to support cross-border working, through the resources and technology needed for people to perform at their best.
  • Build a positive culture
    Whether you operate internationally or just within the UK, we can help you rethink your approach to talent attraction and retention through building a positive company culture and an outstanding employee experience.

Prepare to build the workforce of the future

Get ready to take your talent strategy to the next level – start now by:

  • Benchmarking your approach against sectors, geographies and others competing for the same skills and talent as you.
  • Defining your ambition for global mobility and talk to us about building policies and proposals that inspire employees
  • Listening to your employees and exploring whether your company culture supports your talent ambitions.
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