Take rewards to the next level 

A new era of rewards is here. What actions should you take to be ready for 2023 and beyond?

We know meaningful rewards aren’t “one size fits all,” which is why our 2023 APAC Rewards Trends and Insights webinar focuses on the latest impacts of the constantly evolving environment. As rising inflation intensifies the talent shortage, employers are juggling evolving employee expectations and adapting to accommodate more flexible working. At the same time, generative AI is rapidly changing the meaning of work and how work gets done. The new shape of work requires a new approach.

Learn about the latest trends in salary movements, incentives and staff turnover; explore the pay-for-skills landscape and other workforce-related challenges in Asia-Pacific; and discover actions you can take to rethink your rewards strategies.

Hear from our experts on:

  • What leaders and HR should focus on when defining the future of talent and workforce strategies for their organizations
  • The impact of the changing landscape on rewards and other workforce-related challenges, now and beyond
  • Insights from Mercer’s Total Remuneration Survey results to give you the best “before and after” picture of the market and serve as a critical resource for next year
  • The impact of generative AI on the world of work, including steps can companies can take
  • What’s next for the future of rewards?

And much more!

Want to know more about the actions you can take to define your 2024 rewards strategies? Reach out to us or to our speakers:

Puneet Swani
Career Business Leader, Asia, IMEA and Pacific, Mercer
Email: puneet.swani@mercer.com

Kulapalee Tobing
Regional Industry and Solutions Leader, Asia and Pacific, Mercer
Email: kulapalee.tobing@mercer.com

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