Take your employee value proposition and benefits to a whole new level

Successful benefits programmes align with business’s wider business and people strategy and deliver employee benefits that your workforce really value.

Mercer Marsh Benefits’ (MMB) Darwin technology gives employers powerful analytics to understand return on investment while offering employees a consumer-grade benefits experience.

Seamless integration with other digital tools that organisations already use, reducing administration and boosting business insights.

  • Flexibility, cost control and risk reduction – all from a single platform.
  • Accessible benefits that employees can connect to at any time, from any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Our approach is to help you ensure that your benefits and the platform that deliver them are fit for purpose in supporting employees during the moments that matter.
To complement Darwin’s technology, Mercer Marsh Benefits team are here to support you with everything from benefits scheme design, broking and cost optimisation to wellbeing, communications and pensions consulting.

Maximise your digital strategy with Mercer Marsh Benefits

Darwin’s technology platform is a core part of MMB’s wider consulting and digital solutions:

  • Optimise your scheme design to ensure your benefits are competitive, relevant for all employees, strategically aligned to business values and objectives and delivering ROI.
  • Achieve your pension scheme objectives efficiently and effectively with our pension consultancy, providing benefits guidance, member engagement services plus a specialist pension provider administration service.

Recruit, retain and motivate your talent:

  • Educate and inspire with full insight into total reward value as well as personalised communications to help employees choose their benefits
  • Boost user experience with consumer-grade technology, providing instant access to all benefits information - accessible anywhere, from any device
  • Empower personalised benefits management, giving employees the freedom, flexibility and choice to purchase the benefits they want, when they want them

Gain control of your benefits spend:

  • Understand your total benefits spend with full, centralised visibility of costs and the benefits employees value most
  • Reduce costs and maximise ROI to deliver benefits that provide value to your business as well as your people
  • Enable faster, smarter decisions about your benefits strategy, schemes and investments with Darwin Analytics Centre

Ensure your benefits data is secure:

  • Extensive data security measures mean employees can access and engage in their benefits securely from any device, anywhere
  • Centralised, automated benefits administration removes risks of manual data handling and associated security breaches
  • Seamless and secure integrations with existing HR systems, including controlled data access and robust file encryption

Eliminate paper-based tasks and enrolment:

  • Achieve seamless integration with existing HR and Payroll Systems
  • Save time and money with automated admin processes and efficient employee self-service, including employee management of reimbursements
  • Improve efficiencies and streamline workflows with automated task management, integrated auto-enrolment and extensive reporting and audit functionality

Flexible, agile benefits by design

In a time of continuous change, organisations need their benefits strategy to be as agile as their business goals.

Employees also want the flexibility to choose benefits that suit their lifestyle, rather than accepting a one-size-fits-all package.

Mercer Marsh Benefits consultants, together with our Darwin digital solution, can help you create a strategy that is flexible by design – both for the business and for your employees.

Our first steps might be:

Benchmarking against competitors – attracting and retaining talent is keeping HR directors awake at night. Understand whether your benefits offering is competitive by sector or region, based on Mercer’s extensive, global benchmarking capabilities.

Review your existing benefits – by exploring your current approach to benefits, assessing return on investment and listening to employee needs, our benefits consultants can identify gaps and build a roadmap to address them.

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