The new shape of work: Flexible benefits to promote well-being 

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Ensure you’re offering the support employees really want — benefits that protect and promote their well-being.

According to Mercer’s research, health and well-being are the top workforce concerns of executives and HR leaders. They are also key elements of the employee experience.

Promoting employee well-being involves creating a caring culture — one designed to help both employees and the businesses they work for thrive. 

However, in an environment defined by constant change, it can be a challenge to provide an effective health and well-being experience — one that is flexible, that helps the full diversity of a workforce, and which employees actually value. As a result, many employers struggle to identify and implement the best new approaches, and fail to deliver the right benefits to all of their employees.

Companies can be more certain that they are offering the support employees want by listening to employees, using human-centred design, and holding partners accountable. This will help ensure they are giving their employees the support they need to build and protect their physical, emotional, social and financial well-being.

85% of companies see the need for hyper-personalisation to ensure that benefits help them attract and retain the best talent. 
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How effective are your well-being programmes 

Not all employers have the tools to design and implement world-class employee health and well-being initiatives. The HERO scorecard can help you do just this. 

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Consumer grade digital apps and services

Provide an intuitive, simple and engaging digital experience as a “front door” to your benefits. How employees experience your benefits can be as important as the benefits themselves.

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Develop your well-being strategy

Understand the market landscape, develop and execute your strategic roadmap, and focus the way you manage your well-being programme. This will ensure it delivers value to both you and the full diversity of your workforce. 

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