Build trust, boost employee engagement, and drive performance

Mercer’s consultants understand the human resource challenges faced by companies of all sizes. We are a global force that partners with our clients to develop and evolve all their communications needs, from team communication to employee benefits communication.

Employee communication – the lifeblood of your organisation

Change, whether big or small, always presents organisations with a challenge – how to communicate this change in a way that avoids confusion and maximises employee engagement and attention.

Change can be disconcerting, for example: the evolution of pension schemes; a member engagement initiative; post M&A culture switches; or a skills transformation needed to futureproof an organisation.

These all need to be managed effectively and team communication is a tool that can be used to stimulate a dialogue with your employees which can reassure, inform and motivate.

Mercer can help you design an employee communication strategy whether you are a 100 or a 100,000-person company.

Our expertise covers change relating to the health, wealth and careers of the single, most important aspect of our clients’ business – their people.

Staff communication: How Mercer can help

We get to the heart of your employee communication needs, then guide you to the right solutions for your goals, priorities and people.

We manage the full process of implementing communications, from strategy and development to results tracking. We can provide consultative guidance to ensure the success of your communications project. Mercer’s employee communication strategies can navigate your company’s important transitions, from technology to M&A.

Perhaps you’re transforming your workforce, navigating a merger or acquisition, or switching to a new HRIS such as Workday or ServiceNow®. Maybe you’re changing your pension plan, moving to a private health insurance exchange, or need to share plan changes during open enrollment.

Some organisational changes are bigger than others. No matter the scope, Mercer can help.

Our employee benefits communication solutions deliver effective communication, support a positive employee experience and enhance your brand and talent management strategy.

We can:

  • Drive employee communication through interactive multimedia development
  • Help with management communication strategies to ease big transitions or drive behaviour change
  • Ensure your employee value propositions support engagement and retention
  • Instigate digital HR and benefits communication through our cutting-edge tools
  • Assist with your portal and service delivery consulting
  • Help your branding and platform design
  • Guide your content architecture and consulting

Communication that keeps your employees informed

Your digital communication strategy

How do you capture your employees' attention and keep them informed, engaged and invested in your company's mission?

With so many channels for employee communication – email, mobile, text messaging, blogs, websites, social media and face-to-face – you need a strategy that ensures the right messages are delivered in the most effective way.

Using high-impact communications built on the newest digital technologies, Mercer helps companies make meaningful connections with employees about their careers, benefits and well-being – wherever they are, on any device.

We use the many years of global experience between us to develop the most appropriate mix of solutions. We don’t make assumptions, nor do we follow the norm. We research, gathering data and insight. Because only by truly understanding our clients’ workforce – their needs, fears and aspirations, as well as their actions and ‘inactions’ – can we create a narrative and messaging that connects them with the business strategy, delivered through high‐quality tactics that treat them as if they were consumers.

After all, we need to remember we’re dealing with real people. People like you and me.

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