An extra boost to your benefits

Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) negotiates Preferred Product Arrangements (PPAs) with our chosen providers to offer unique features, benefits or discounts that meet the needs of our clients and add value for their employees.

Benefits as unique as your workforce

The size and scale of MMB’s client base means that we are in a great position to negotiate Preferred Product Arrangements (PPAs) with our chosen benefits and insurance providers. These give our clients additional features or unique benefits that they can only access by working with us.

For example, a PPA might enhance the range of cover available in a health insurance package to provide greater coverage for employees in the workforce or curate a car leasing deal that will really help employees cope with the cost-of-living crisis.

Once we’ve agreed a PPA, we help our clients implement it, from liaising with the provider through to supporting employee communications and evaluating return on investment.

Our PPA arrangement also give small and medium businesses access to products and features that would typically only be available to large corporates.

Adding genuine value through PPAs

MMB’s expertise and experience in the insurance and employee benefits market means we can negotiate genuinely valuable PPAs:

  • Focused on clients’ needs — we’re able to enhance our clients’ benefit offering with minimal additional input from them.
  • Well-governed — all of our PPAs go through rigorous due diligence and ongoing governance so our clients can have confidence in the solutions we offer, and our ability to deliver them.
  • Innovative — MMB continually scans the benefits and insurance markets to make sure that we always work with exceptional providers and stay aware of new, innovative products.
  • Cost-effective — our PPAs are designed to enhance return on investment for employers and enable employees to access products and services at lower cost than they would be able to source for themselves.

Preparing for PPAs

MMB can help you identify enhancements and additional features that would benefit your workforce, then negotiate those with our partners.
  • Listen to employees
    Understand what they want from their benefits, what is missing in their current package and what will they need for the future. That might be helping them to save for a house deposit with a financial wellbeing offering or making sure family members are protected through health insurance.
  • Create inclusivity
    Some extra features or benefits might help a relatively small proportion of employees but build an invaluable sense of belonging and inclusivity for those individuals.
  • Analyse talent gaps
    By understanding the talent gaps in your company, MMB can help you design PPAs that go beyond one-size-fits-all benefits provision and helps your business really stand out to potential employees.
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