Smashing the stigma of mental health at work 

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Many people experience mental health challenges at different points in their lives, but there is still a stigma around mental health in the workplace.

We believe that equipping everyone in an organisation with a basic level of awareness about their own mental health and that of their colleagues is vital. That knowledge can support a cultural shift that leads to greater openness, makes it easier for employers to support everyone’s wellbeing and ultimately smashes that stigma.

To help make change happen, Mercer Marsh Benefits has created a four-part digital training course that takes a new approach to building mental health awareness. It’s available to any size of company and is designed to be accessible to all employees. We’ve collaborated with some familiar and famous faces, to deliver a scientifically-backed but fun and engaging programme.

There are four elements of mental health awareness which are crucial cornerstones in supporting people and helping them to understand the impact they have on those around them. We’ve built a module in our training course for each of them:
  • Resilience
    Resilience is your ability to adapt and bounce back from difficult events, challenges, disappointments, or adversity. We are all affected by common conditions such as stress, anxiety and pressure, and we need to accept that these will always be a part of all of our lives from time to time. This module explores some small, practical steps that everyone can take to increase our personal resilience over time.
  • Empathy
    Empathy means being able to understand another person's experience by imagining yourself in their situation. But we all interpret the world around us differently and can never really know how someone else perceives a situation. All we can do is try our best to understand by listening and observing. Here, we explore frameworks that can help you learn how to be more open with your emotions and also be able to listen to others with genuine interest and care.
  • Self-care
    A regular self-care routine is clinically proven to enhance mental health, although the structure of that routine will be different for everyone. In this module, employees learn more about how to fuel their body and their lives through connections and practices that help in the moments that really matter. Self-care is also about self-compassion, recognising we're all imperfect, and that we won't get everything right all of the time. If you can accept this with sympathy and kindness, you'll feel more at one with yourself.
  • Engagement
    When employees are connected to their organisation’s purpose and feel they are a truly valued part of your business, it makes a difference. This module explores what each of us can do to create the right environment at work. That could include setting up or joining employee resource groups, for example, taking part in activities such as reverse mentoring with a junior colleague, or working with someone from a different demographic background. Or, it could mean exploring your favourite recent experience at work, and asking what made it so positive? What could be carried forward to future projects?
The four modules of our digital training programme are engaging, inclusive, affordable and quick for any business to implement. Are you ready to smash the stigma of mental health and create sustainable change for your people?
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