How you can support your employees' mental health 

Mental health should be a priority for businesses throughout the year, not just during a designated week.

However, World Mental Health Week provides us with a valuable opportunity to reflect on our well-being and that of our colleagues.

The statistics surrounding mental health are astonishing. In 2023, mental health services in Britain received an unprecedented 5 million referrals, and the number of children and young people in contact with mental health services has skyrocketed by 353% since April 2016, according to The British Medical Association. 

Despite these challenges, there is an opportunity for positive change. A supportive workplace environment can lead to employees feel valued, supported, and understood, which can then increase productivity, creativity, and collaboration.

So, how can small to medium-sized businesses support employee mental health?

  • Embrace flexibility

  • Create a supportive environment

  • Address employees financial concerns

  • Communicate what tools are available to support them

By offering support for mental health, we foster a culture of compassion and empathy. We break down stigma and silence, creating an environment where individuals can seek help without fear of judgment. This encourages open conversations about mental health, leading to increased awareness and understanding.
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Nicola Tigwell
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