Mercer Smart Pension

Mercer Smart Pension brings together Smart Pension’s technology-led, digital-first master trust and Mercer’s market-leading investment capabilities, governance, and retirement services.

What issues can our clients face?

  • High charges

  • Inefficient legacy platforms

  • Unaffordable (or non-existent) advice

  • Not designed for the modern member

  • Poor choice of investments

  • Lack of governance

The solution: Combining the best of two market-leading providers

  • Our best thinking combines the Smart Pension Master Trust with Mercer’s investment capabilities and market-leading retirement services
  • Purpose-built, digital-first pension platform providing services at an unrivalled price
  • Additional governance by Mercer and part of the authorised Smart Pension Master Trust
A venn diagram with Mercer in one circle and Smart Pension in the other. The intersection shows the solution 'Mercer Smart Pension' which is the solution we provide together. 
Speaking to small and mid-sized businesses and their employees, we heard the frustration that many were not in a position to benefit from the type of tools, support and investment research much larger employers can access.
Phil Parkinson, Wealth Leader UK

The benefits of Mercer Smart Pension

  • 1. Designed for you and your members

    We’ve taken Smart Pension’s cutting-edge technology and combined it with Mercer’s investment expertise to offer your members an easy-to-use digital workplace pension experience.
  • 2. A safe pair of hands

    A group of independent trustees manages your pension scheme. Mercer then provides a layer of additional governance and oversight of the solution, giving you peace of mind.
  • 3. Sustainable investment approach

    Our investment approach employs Mercer’s market-leading research to deliver a sustainable investment strategy straight to your members.
  • 4. Value for money

    Our charges are transparent, competitive and offer great value for money.
  • 5. Empowers your members to help them make good decisions

    A dedicated member portal provides access to the tools and information your members need. Members can also join our member webinars at no cost to ask questions and provide direct feedback.
  • 6. Supported by Mercer Retirement Services

    By leveraging digital technology, we’ve made regulated financial advice accessible and affordable to all members, ensuring they have all the tools available to make the decisions that are right for them. Mercer Retirement Services also includes guidance and face-to-face advice if needed.
  • 7. Financial wellbeing for members

    We give members money-saving tips, tools and techniques to help them feel confident and in control of their finances.
  • 8. Smart Pension app

    Members can manage their pension savings anywhere, at any time with the tap of a finger. The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.
  • 9. Smart Rewards

    Members get free, unlimited access to more than 1,400 discounts at major retailers across the UK and could save up to £600 per year.
  • 10. Multiple channels to communicate with us

    Members can reach us by phone, email or live chat.
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