Expert support for scheme trustees from our pension trustee consulting team

As a pension trustee, you need the right level of guidance and support to help look after your pension scheme members. Mercer’s investment consulting, actuarial and governance services help pension schemes of all sizes achieve their strategic aims. We have a full range of trustee consulting services to support you, across defined contribution and defined benefit solutions.

Pension trustee consulting – why Mercer?

Being a pension trustee is challenging. Increasing costs, ever-shifting legislation and a changing world means the role comes with huge responsibilities.

Our pension trustee services help support, advise and empower trustees. We enable pension trustees to put their members first, so they can run their schemes effectively and make time to focus on long-term strategy and aims.

Mercer’s pension trustee services:

  • Help pension schemes understand, plan and deliver the outcomes that are right for all their stakeholders.
  • Understand that there is no 'one size fits all' approach.
  • Cover the full range of scheme designs, whether that be defined benefit, defined contribution, hybrid, or collective defined contribution.

Pension trustee consulting - how we can help

Our pension consulting teams are focused on helping you tailor your requirements for support. We provide a full range of trustee consulting services including:
Developing an effective governance framework, with an outcomes-focused strategy and robust risk management is essential for pension trustees. We can plug in the support you need, including Trustee Secretariat services, Own Risk Assessments and Effective System of Governance frameworks.

Trustee training

Not only for keeping on top of regulation but pension trustees need to feel empowered and supported. Trustee experience and effectiveness reviews, including skills assessments, are also part of our trustee consulting.
We work with pension trustees to help them understand and manage investment risks, identify and capture opportunities, and implement tailored strategies that are positioned to help meet their overall objectives.

Defined Benefit Specialist Services

Integrated risk management: Designing a holistic, integrated approach to covenant, investment and funding risks.

Funding advice: Setting long-term objectives, actuarial services, including funding strategies for defined benefit pension schemes.

Technology and digital solutions: Our funding and investment consulting monitoring Pfaroe tools allow you to see ‘at a glance’ where your defined benefit pension scheme is on its funding path, to assess your risks and make decisions in real time.

Risk transfer advice: Preparing to secure your liabilities with an insurer, or considering other routes to transferring risk? Our pension advisory risk transfer team support schemes of all shapes and sizes to get ready, secure the best deal and de-risk.

GMP equalisation: Whether you are carrying out a GMP Equalisation project or combining your GMP equalisation with a GMP rectification exercise, Mercer’s approach to GMP projects is simple, agile and safe.

Defined Contribution Specialist Services

Value for members: Having a “member first” approach is key to the success of your defined contribution pension scheme. Our expert team of DC specialists work with trustees to understand the needs of your scheme members, before delivering tailored, integrated solutions that will help you support all your stakeholders. This includes full support on the ever-increasing governance demands of running a defined contribution pension scheme.
The role of a pensions trustee is more complex and challenging, but ultimately more rewarding, than ever. We are proud of working alongside pension trustee boards of all sizes to help them make informed decisions that can improve outcomes for all scheme members.
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Trustee consulting – other services we offer

Our support for defined benefit pension trustees is not ‘one size fits all’, it is a comprehensive support system, which also includes:
  • Updates on current issues in pensions, legislative changes and technical updates
  • Secondments to fill in-house roles and specific project requirements
  • Additional voluntary contribution (AVC) consulting
  • Covenant advice
  • Communications and pension scheme engagement
  • Project management
  • Scheme wind-ups
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