Specific scheme sponsor advice from our pensions consulting team

Our corporate consulting services are designed to meet the changing needs of our clients. From helping companies manage the costs and risks associated with defined benefit pension schemes to ensuring pension schemes are working for the companies and their current employees, our corporate consulting services can help.

How Mercer’s pensions consulting helps sponsors of defined benefit pension schemes

For many companies, their defined benefit pension scheme is a legacy arrangement that comes with multiple challenges, including increasing life expectancy, volatility in financial markets and increasing regulation. This means companies need a strategy that manages risk, controls costs and ensures it achieves its endgame.

Mercer’s corporate pension advisory service supports companies to manage these challenges. We can create a long-term plan for these schemes, ensuring the right actions are taken at the right time to effectively and efficiently meet the company’s goals and those if its other stakeholders. 

Areas of advice for companies with defined benefit pension schemes include:

  • Accounting for pension costs
  • Risk transfer
  • Captives
  • Investment strategy
  • Member options exercises
  • Longevity
  • Consolidation in all forms
  • Master trusts
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Non cash options/ security
The diagram lists four questions, 1 What is the company long term aim? 2 What time frame are you aiming for? 3 What are your short and long term cash commitments? 4 What level of risk are you comfortable with? With trustee and company collaboration and effective long term strategy these questions are addressed. This leads to funding strategy, investment strategy and project work and governance.

Supporting companies managing pension schemes for current employees

Companies want to attract and retain employees in order to thrive and their pension scheme can be a great tool to help. Whether a company wants to reinvigorate its existing pension scheme offering, or is considering a new pension scheme arrangement for its people, our corporate pension advisory service can help.

We advise companies on the right pension approach for them and their current employees. Ensuring they maintain a competitive pension scheme for their current and future employees.


pension schemes that we have provided corporate pension advice on


of assets under advice (AUA)

2023 is seeing record highs for the level of surplus in many pension schemes. Companies need to make decisions on what to do about this unexpected improvement in funding.
Simon Turner

UK Wealth Corporate Leader

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