Rising costs are leading to wage pressure for businesses at the moment.

The challenge is that with the way that inflation is accelerating, it’s just not sustainable to continually increasing wages, so an employer needs to think about the other things that they can do to help support their employees, that they wouldn't normally be able to have access to, or which would cost quite a lot.

There is also the piece around education that is very valuable, helping people understand what they can do to deal with the challenges is very important. We’ve already seen from the pandemic, a massive rise of anxiety and depression. And the cost of living pressures are just exacerbating those problems so employers need to think about access to solid mental health support.

Craig Haines, UK Sales Operations Leader (SME), and Michael Probert, Senior Workplace Education Consultant at Mercer Marsh Benefits, join our host to discuss a hot topic at the moment, the cost of living crisis. In this podcast, we share our insights on the best things that businesses and HR can do to support their employees right now, with a particular focus on some of the elements that perhaps aren't on the radar at the moment, but maybe should be.

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