Three ways to engage top talent with smarter employee listening 

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Stay in tune with your employees, craft compelling employee experiences and engage your workforce with smarter employee listening.

Despite the widespread use of continuous listening platforms, 42% of employees feel that their needs are not being met.1

Bridging the gap between employer offerings and employee needs will take more than simply asking the right questions at the right time; it requires a multi-method approach that provides a comprehensive understanding of the employee experience. 

By leveraging insights from HR, talent, rewards and transformation, you can make informed decisions that drive positive business outcomes.

Two significant shifts have prompted the need for smarter employee listening today:

Employees expect their workplace to align with their values. If it doesn’t, they’ll make their voices heard and vote with their feet. Employees also desire a healthy work-life balance in exchange for sustainable performance. To stay competitive, employers must listen to their employees and adapt their practices accordingly.

While the fundamentals of employee listening remain the same, technology has revolutionised the way we collect and analyse data. With access to vast amounts of workforce data, HR leaders face the challenge of making sense of it all to cement their position as a strategic business partner. By combining perception data with behavioural data, organisations can drive impactful interventions. 

To respond to and make the most of these shifts, employee listening must evolve. Access the guide to learn more about driving change in the employee experience:

  • Reframe employee listening for a better ROI
  • Combine techniques to amplify results
  • Listen smarter by pairing multi-method data with deep HR expertise 

And discover how smarter employee listening can help you:

  • Maintain a thriving workforce through data insights and expertise 
  • Bridge the say/do gap
  • Make sustainable changes to the employee experience
  • Deliver on equity and opportunity gaps

Smarter Listening:

Three Ways to Engage Top Talent Today
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