Large charity asset owners are a unique category of investors. By exploring their investment, risk management and governance decisions in greater depth, our aim is to provide valuable intelligence for charities, foundations and not-for-profits as they consider the allocation and oversight of their own portfolio.

This workshop, run in partnership with the Association of Charitable Foundations, aims to provide valuable insights and strategies for managing investment risks and optimising asset allocation for organisations with significant assets.

Event details

Date: Thursday 14th March 2024

Time: 15:00 – 18:00 PM GMT (networking from 17:00)

Venue: Marsh McLennan, Tower Place East, Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 5BU

Who should attend: Large charity asset owners, including Investment Committee Members, Finance Teams (CFOs) Chair of Trustees, CEOs, CIOs, Trustees.

During this workshop, Mercer industry specialists will share their knowledge and expertise on various topics, including:
  • Markets

    Rupert Watson, Global Head of Economics & Dynamic Asset Allocation, will provide insights into the current market trends, economic outlook, and potential investment opportunities. He will discuss strategies for navigating market volatility and maximizing returns in a rapidly changing investment landscape.
  • Sustainability

    Vanessa Hodge, UK Sustainability Integration Lead, will shed light on the importance of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into investment decision-making. She will discuss the growing significance of sustainable investing and how large asset owners can align their portfolios with their sustainability goals.
  • Private Markets

    Rhonda Ryan, Partner, Head of Private Equity, Europe, will delve into the opportunities and challenges associated with investing in private equity, real estate, and other alternative asset classes. She will share insights on portfolio diversification, risk management, and the potential for attractive long-term returns in private markets.
  • Asset Allocation and Governance

    Andrew McDougall, Global Head of Multi-Asset, will provide guidance on effective asset allocation strategies and best practices in portfolio governance. He will discuss the importance of aligning investment objectives with risk tolerance and implementing robust governance frameworks to ensure optimal portfolio performance.

Featuring guest speakers

  • Carol Mack OBE, Chief Executive, Association of Charitable Foundations

    Carol was appointed Chief Executive of ACF in 2016, having previously served as its Deputy Chief Executive. Prior to ACF, Carol worked advising charities on governance and charity law, as well as national policy formulation at the Charity Commission for England & Wales. She also has experience in grass-roots charities and the commercial sector, having begun her career in the international trading and refining division of an oil company. She was previously a founding trustee of the National Emergencies Trust and Vice Chair of Tree Aid. Currently she is Chair of the Wales Funders Forum and a board member of Philea, the European Philanthropy Association. 
  • Richard Croydon, Head of Finance at Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts

    Richard is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He worked in senior Finance roles in the UK and Asia for the investment banking arms of UBS, Barclays, ING and ABN AMRO before moving into private investment. Since 2019 he has been the Head of Finance for the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts (SFCT), supporting the 17 charities across Finance and Investment. 


Session Speakers
Introduction Paul Fleming, Head of UK Endowments & Foundations 
State of play: managing assets for large foundations Richard Croydon, Head of Finance at Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts
Global markets and allocating assets Rupert Watson, Global Head of Economics & Dynamic Asset Allocation

Andrew McDougall, Global Head of Multi-Asset
Sustainability and private market investments for large not-for-profits Rhonda Ryan, Partner, Head of Private Equity, Europe

Vanessa Hodge, UK Sustainability Integration Lead
Panel discussion: key trends and survey results

Carol Mack OBE, Chief Executive Association of Charitable Foundations

Richard Croydon, Head of Finance at Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts 

Craig McBride, Partner, Investment Consultant E&F Team

Conclusion and wrap up Paul Fleming, Head of UK Endowments & Foundations 


In partnership with ACF
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