Rising costs and diminishing margins 

How can your business support employees through the cost of living crisis without breaking the bank?

As the economy cools, many employers are hoping the Great Resignation will come to an end.

But while our recent study shows job security is a top-five concern for employees, 2 in 5 employees are still considering leaving their employer.

There are many reasons for this but two of the top three reasons are insufficient pay and burnout due to a demanding workload.

So what can you do as an employer to support employees without significant increases in payroll?

Many employers are now considering how they can maximise their existing benefit provision to help support their employees. Watch our video to see the practical things you need to think about to help improve employee wellbeing and engagement.

Though employee benefits can be a great way to help enhance employee engagement they are not the silver bullet. Many employers are doing as much as possible to increase wages. The Office of National Statistics* figures still show that wages are increasing at a lower rate than inflation which is putting further pressure on employees finances. So what support can be made available to help employees cope with the cost of living crisis? Watch our video to see the practical things employees can do to help mitigate the impact of the cost of living crisis.
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