Health on demand report 2023 

Successive recent crises have forced HR and benefits professionals to respond reactively to acute employee needs.

Our latest Health on Demand study, surveyed over 17,000 employees from across the globe. In this report we have focused on the analysis of 1,000 UK respondents to explore how UK workforce needs and attitudes relating to health and wellbeing are changing in response to current issues.

This report will help you:

  • Determine how best to design and deliver support programmes to respond better to employee needs as the nature of work changes, technology evolves and crises intensify.
  • Understand employee attitudes and behaviours towards benefits, including digital health, in the quest for improved quality of care.
  • Explore employees’ concerns and expectations on access and affordability of health and risk protection as well as on mental health.

How UK employers can evolve their wellbeing strategies to support employees for the future and enable business growth

This report explores four key areas of focus for HR, wellbeing and benefits professionals focused on creating a forward-looking health and wellbeing strategy:
  1. Declutter the crowded house
    Streamline offerings to identify benefits overlap and redundancy.
  2. Be flexible to support a diverse workforce
    Understanding your employees' needs.
  3. Focus on access and need
    Address benefits gaps, in terms of both cover and awareness.
  4. Embed employee resilience in future business strategy
    Make wellbeing part of authentic company culture.
Find out more about the four key trends identified, including how you can use these insights to create a benefits program to boost employee well-being, loyalty and engagement.

Did you know?


Don’t have access to employee benefits at all


Have worked when they are physically unwell


Say they are stressed in everyday life


Say work pressures have the potential to cause burnout

Health on Demand

From surviving to thriving: Creating a future-focused wellbeing strategy

Download our report to find out more about the four key focus areas identified, including actions you can take to ensure you a creating a future-focused wellbeing strategy for your employees. 

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