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Manufacturing success

With nearly 500 manufacturing clients in the US, we understand the issues employers are facing in the industry.

Employee exhaustion is perceived as one of the biggest obstacles to transformation in 2024. Compared to other sectors, manufacturing employees are less likely to feel their company is genuinely interested in employee wellbeing, and 38% report feeling exhausted on a typical work day. *Inside Employees’ Minds Survey.

84% of companies are taking steps to maximize workforce energy this year. 67% are focused on how their benefits offerings can better support employee attraction, retention and engagement this year – *Global Talent Trends 2023.

Supply chain challenges and inflation continue to wreak havoc on margins, creating additional pressure on benefit cost for many employers. Rising costs are also presenting a challenge for many employees, with 47% of manufacturing employees reporting reducing discretionary spending due to economic concerns.

Mercer's Approach

Our primary mission is to support yours. With experts, survey data and solutions, we are prepared to help manufactures tackle some of their biggest challenges. Some of the ways we can help include:
  • Creating a compressive benefits strategy that is effective and efficient.
  • Managing healthcare costs.
  • Developing effective employee engagement strategies.
  • Analysis and planning to advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


We've successfully partnered with more than 300 manufacturers so you don't have to face the Fourth Industrial Revolution alone.

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Marsh Advisory’s Data and Analytics experts discussed how companies can proactively and strategically address these variable loss costs challenges via digital-based tools that leverage industry-leading data and generate actionable insights. 
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