For your pharmacy and medical benefits.

Why should health innovation be part of your benefits strategy?

While new drug categories are providing promising cures and therapies, employers struggle to absorb the sky-rocketing cost of specialty drugs.

Our innovative pharmaceutical cost-management solutions may help companies provide the life-changing pharmacy drug benefits their employees need—while shielding your business from unsustainable costs.

Million dollar drugs have arrived
As pharmaceutical innovation continues to thrive, novel categories of ultra-high cost drugs called gene and cell therapies are entering the market. These cutting-edge products have the potential to drastically improve or even cure certain serious or terminal conditions. Gain access to key strategies you should consider to prepare for the future.

Employers partner with us because we help with:

Tech-enabled dynamic procurement solutions.

  • Utilizing our experts and scale, our process drives bidder competition to maximize value to plan sponsors and members
  • Sophisticated technology minimizes bidder gamesmanship of both qualitative and quantitative evaluations
  • Results presented in clear comparisons you can trust
  • 17% Average savings in specialty drug costs

Member-centric engagement.

  • Therapeutic expertise that maximizes accessibility of prescription medications. Addresses member concerns around affordability, an important part of improving medication adherence and ultimately patient outcomes
  • Helps members understand the true cost of medications in accordance with all transparency requirements

Data-driven clinical and financial insights.

  • Understand plan performance to contractual financial guarantees
  • Pharmacy experts provide actionable recommendations to changes in your prescription drug claims
  • Optimize program performance in alignment with the goals and objectives of the plan
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