A world of benefits, built around you

Our solutions are designed to empower employers to manage health & benefits costs, improve the quality and cost of care, and simplify the experience for everyone.
  • Benefits strategy and consulting    

    We can help you ensure your employee benefits strategy stays fit for purpose, delivers maximum value and supports your people in a rapidly-evolving world of work.
  • Employee benefits broker services

    Our market-leading employee benefits brokerage services can help you secure the right benefits solutions at the right price. We'll also offer suggestions for smarter benefits that reduce your risk profile and claims to keep plans sustainable.
  • Global Benefits Management

    Unlock a simpler way to manage insured employee benefits regionally and globally
  • Employee benefits technology platforms

    We've got the technology you need to design, build and deliver the program that's right for you, your people, your locations and right for your future.
  • Employee benefits analytics & insights

    If you want to improve well-being, manage costs or retain employees, robust employee benefits analytics will inform strategic thinking. Our market-leading tools help you harness your employee benefits data.
  • Well-being programs

    We help you invest in health and well-being programs that demonstrate results: protecting your people, improving their well-being and unlocking their potential.
  • Employee benefits communication

    The right benefits communication strategy will boost employee engagement, helping you to attract and retain talent. Our end-to-end employee benefits communication solutions include branding, messaging and communication tools.
  • Small business employee benefits

    Our employee benefits for small businesses bring you the best value deals from health insurance and group benefits providers. These are designed to help you attract and retain the talent needed to grow your business and keep your people healthy.
  • Finance & actuarial

    Cost management of benefits plans is being pushed up the corporate agenda, making it the ideal time for employers to begin thinking about long-term cost forecasting and containment strategies. For self-insured and/or post-employment benefit programs, we will help you meet accounting obligations.

Who we work with

With a focus on reimagining employee health and benefits, you can make a meaningful difference. At Mercer, we’re helping companies like yours do just that.

Why Mercer?

We give you visibility of your global benefits spend, helping you set a budget and finance it, making the most of your size and economies of scale. From insurance to self-insurance or captive set-ups, we’ll help you finance your program in the way that’s right for who you are – and where you are on your benefits journey.

Average 2+ year benefits cost increase vs. 6.6% national average1


Decrease in healthcare costs for thriving employees when employers implement effective population health management solutions2


Projected health plan savings through collective purchasing and cost management


Potential ROI from Mercer Managed Pharmacy Consulting3

* 1 Results vary by client, 2 HERO Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer, 3 Results may vary

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