Maximize your investment in UKG

Mercer and UKG have partnered to provide best-in-class digital transformation services. This collaboration combines Mercer’s global strategic insights and digital transformation capabilities with UKG’s innovative technology in HRIS, workforce management, and global payroll, setting new standards in businesses empowerment.

Mercer and UKG’s tailored workforce management solutions meet evolving organizational needs in today’s dynamic operating environment. Our data-driven approach and expert consulting provides the tools and insights to align your workforce effectively and build flexibility, resilience and capability.

A digital strategy to empower workforces

UKG HR, payroll, time, and culture cloud solutions help you drive great workplace experiences and make better, more confident people and business decisions.

With support from Mercer’s expert HR consulting team, we will help you to:

  • Put people at the center of your strategy
  • Make work easier for all
  • Evolve your business with technology that is designed to grow with you

A proven approach

Mercer specializes in guiding organizations through the journey of HR transformation, focusing on aligning HR strategies with business objectives. Our holistic approach ensures that your HR initiatives are not just about technology implementation, but also about achieving sustainable strategic impact across your organization, and includes:
  • Strategy

    Our comprehensive HR consulting services provide strategic assessments, roadmap planning, and workforce governance, setting the stage for your organization’s successful HR transformation.
  • Activation

    At Mercer, we excel in deploying advanced HR solutions. Ensuring organizations achieve seamless, efficient transitions to new HR technologies. Our team of experts ensure your HR system enhancements are flawlessly executed, maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Deployment

    Our HR solutions evolve with your business, offering scalable and adaptable strategies that drive continuous improvement and lasting success.
  • Betterment

    Go-live is just the beginning! Business conditions change, as do the needs of the workforce. Agility is realized through a continuous release of capabilities and experience enhancements fueled by data. 
Evolve the employee experience to provide a frictionless, digital experience for employees in the moments that matter.
Mercer’s 2024 Global Talent Trends

A digital solution to elevate the moments that matter

UKG services streamline HR, payroll, workforce, and change management, and provide overall enhancements to:
  • HR

    Centralize workforce data and share vital company updates.
  • HR Service Delivery

    Automate tasks and enable self-service for employees.
  • Payroll

    Ensure precision and financial wellness with detailed pay insights.
  • Talent

    Engage, develop, and retain talent with intuitive collaboration tools.
  • Time & Attendance

    Monitor work hours, enforce rules, and manage exceptions.
  • Scheduling

    Optimize shift coverage while offering flexible work arrangements.
  • Strategic Workforce Planning

    Predict and address future workforce needs.
  • Compliance

    Stay ahead with automated alerts and tax checks.
  • Reporting & Analytics

    Harness AI for informed decision-making.
  • Communication & Collaboration

    Foster a culture of inclusion and connectivity.
Nearly three in five executives worry that the rapid pace of tech innovation is surpassing their organization’s ability to reskill and redeploy their workforce, and that their organization is not doing enough to inspire workers to adopt new technologies.
Mercer’s 2024 Global Talent Trends

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