Specialty solutions

Meet disruption head-on and drive change by modernizing your health and
benefits strategy

Why are specialty solutions crucial to your benefits strategy?

66% of employers are expanding the range of voluntary benefits offered (or intend to) and 22% of employers had a member with over $1 million in claims from 2016-2019.

Specialty solutions address the biggest problems in healthcare and benefits

Drive innovation with specialty solutions

We’ll help you develop a thoughtful, relevant benefits strategy focused on what your workforce needs today, along with innovations that keep you competitive and help you stay ahead of tomorrow’s challenges:

  • Skyrocketing drug prices
  • Attracting and retaining key talent in a competitive marketplace
  • Increasing legislative or compliance issues
  • Rapidly analyzing and acting on high-cost claims

Absence & disability management

Developing and implementing the right strategic plan for your organization can help streamline administration, minimize complexity and improve the quality of delivery, including savings.

Partnering together to identify the right solutions

Specialty solutions address the biggest problems in healthcare and benefits.
Our broad slate of solutions enables you to choose and customize answers
to your organization’s needs
  • Center for Health Innovation

    We work side by side with employers of all sizes and employer coalitions to solve big problems by bringing practical and relevant ideas to life.
  • Inclusive Professional Network

    Organizations must tackle inequality at the supplier level. Is your company using the right strategies to promote supplier diversity?
  • MercerWELL

    Mitigate health risk, optimize talent and enable wellbeing-centric cultures and brands, contributing to healthy, equitable societies and positive business outcomes.
  • MercerRx

    Our innovative pharmaceutical cost-management solutions help companies provide the life-changing pharmacy drug benefits their employees’ need— while shielding your business from unsustainable costs.
  • Life, Absence and Disability

    Helping businesses attract and retain talent while balancing costs, employee productivity and administration.
  • Stop-loss insurance

    Helping you with the right care and claims management strategy.

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