Life, absence, and disability benefits

Helping businesses attract and retain talent while balancing costs, employee productivity and administration.

Now is the time to build your leave, disability and life programs on a solid foundation that will grow with your organization and the needs of your employees. Bringing your strategy together in the evolving leave landscape while ensuring compliance with leave laws is the “new normal.”

  • Our robust services go beyond the typical brokerage services and will help you to achieve your design, implementation and ongoing improvement of your LAD programs.  
  • Mercer’s team of experts will help you to evaluate your current state policies, designs and processes and prepare a roadmap to your future state.  Finding the best partner for management of your programs, or preparing and planning to manage them in house, is critical to the success of your programs.  Mercer’s strong vendor relationships will help to ensure that you are receiving the best value for your program delivery with an emphasis on employee satisfaction.

Let’s Go!

Life, Absence and Disability programs will impact your employees at some point in their life. Likely at the most important moments for themselves or their family members.  Choosing a trusted partner who understands the importance of these benefits, how to design them, and will help you to evaluate the outcomes is the first step.  

Mercer is ready to help your organization:

Leave policies have evolved as employee priorities have shifted.
  • Time-Off Transformation

    By taking a deep look into your employees and their needs, addressing current benchmarking and  trends, and accounting for the latest state laws related to PTO, Vacation/Sick,  organization paid/unpaid leaves, Short and Long Term disability, Life, and AD&D.  Mercer can assess your current time-off policies  and processes (including vendor integration, return to work and ADA) and make best practice recommendations that align with your company culture. 
  • Vendor Optimization

    Mercer will help you to define your objectives for marketing your LAD benefits and find a best in class vendor (s) to align with your needs.  Our team is equipped to not only match you with the right resources but assist with cost saving and program implementation.  Mercer’s LAD audit practice can conduct regular vendor reviews to ensure your program is being managed to best practice models. Our goal is to help you build a sustainable plan based ongoing governance to monitor enhancements and outcomes.
  • Financial Calibration

    At Mercer, financial calibration means digging deep to evaluate plan designs and cost impacts. We use proprietary benchmarking and trends tools to help inform designs that include competitiveness considerations.  We also conduct detailed analysis for State for Paid Family and Medical leave to find the best option for your organization.  Our detailed financial reviews for all LAD coverages will provide targeted options for cost savings and financial forecasting.
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