Life, absence, and disability benefits

Life, absence, and disability benefits

Helping businesses attract and retain talent while balancing costs, employee productivity and administration.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we support our workforce.

In this time of disruption and uncertainty, the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the complexity and challenges associated with managing Leave, Disability and Paid Time off programs. Understanding the new challenges that exist will help employers overcome budget constraints and strategic leave planning in our evolving environment, as we navigate the New Shape of Work.
Employee absences can cost employers:
of direct payroll costs.
of lost productivity payroll costs.
in lost productivity with replacement workers vs. the replaced employee.

Why choose Mercer for life, absence & disability (LAD) management?

Mercer’s LAD consulting practice is the largest absence, disability and life broker/consultant in the business, providing unparalleled market leverage and insights.
Our dedicated team helps you each step of the way to designing and delivering a customized LAD solutions or benefits program:
  • Conduct a Leave Assessment

  • Design and update absence strategies

  • Help clients design leave programs that are compliant and aligned with state and federal requirements
  • Support the strategy design and benchmarking

  • Provide insight into carrier market capabilities and strengths

A competitive leave policy to benefit everyone

Establishing a well-rounded, comprehensive leave policy is a major component of any employer’s benefits strategy. Gain insights into leave programs across multiple markets to find out whether your leave policies are competitive and provide valued benefits to all employees.

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