Pension flexibilities 

Protect your members from making costly decisions at retirement.

Pension flexibilities is one of the 12 areas identified by our DC MOT that employers should consider to ensure their Defined Contribution pension and associated benefits are in good shape.

Risks and opportunities of pension flexibilities

In this video, we take a look at how you could improve your members’ retirement benefits by over 60%, protect them from losing all their savings to scams – and avoid the employer and trustees facing unnecessary reputational risks. Or to put it another way, how if you don’t take action, you and your people will continue to lose out significantly.
If you don’t already work with Mercer on DC pensions, get in touch at or visit our DC MOT Webpage. We’d be delighted to help you benchmark your scheme against other UK employers for free – to help you identify ways you can save money, reduce risk and improve the outcomes for you and your people.
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