Enabling DB schemes achieve smaller pension risk transfer deals 

Smaller pension buy-in or buyout deals may be more attainable than you think.

In the market for pension buyouts and buy-ins, big transactions get the headlines and DB schemes looking for smaller deals can struggle to get the attention of insurers.

For deals involving liabilities valued at £100 million or less this problem is particularly acute. Even if an insurer does offer a quote it may be at a disproportionally high price.

This isn’t surprising when you consider that providing a quote costs an insurer about as much as a small car.

Getting your pension risk transfer deal noticed

Mercer's Streamlined Quotation Service can help your DB scheme overcome this obstacle to transferring pension risk. Here’s how:

  • By combining information from multiple schemes in the same format we make it easier and cheaper for insurers to provide quotes.
  • This approach creates competition, increasing your chance of a proposal that is financially attractive for you and your members.
  • We send the information to insurers at the same time every month, allowing you to monitor prices and carry out a transaction at the right time.

This short video tells you more about how the Mercer Streamlined Quotation Service works.

Smaller DB schemes targeting buyout can struggle to get the attention of insurers. By combining information from multiple schemes, our Streamlined Quotation Service makes it easier for insurers to provide quotes and gives you the best chance of receiving an attractive offer.
Andrew Ward
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