Private markets for endowments and foundations 

In an environment of rising yields from exceptionally low levels and low- to moderate-risk premia, we believe investors increasingly need to look beyond traditional liquid asset classes (equities and bonds) in order to generate meaningful returns.

In particular, investors should be open to the potentially attractive and diversifying return sources available in illiquid asset classes (private markets). However, private markets remain a complex and hard-to-access asset class — but it is one that is increasingly hard to ignore, given its growing importance in the economy as well as in institutional investors’ portfolios.

Download our latest report to find out:

  1. What are private markets
  2. What is private equity
  3. Why private markets investments are appropriate for endowments and foundations
  4. Why endowments and foundations should consider investing in private markets now
Download our report to find out why endowments and foundations should consider investing in private markets.
Paul Fleming
Nathalie Degans
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