Location strategy, business and human capital strategy need to go hand in hand. These concepts are completely interlinked. Join us on September 27, 11am -12 pm, when David Osborne and Andrzej Narkiewicz will share with you how leading companies across the world are utilizing the latest data insights to design their future location and people strategies.

Location strategy is top of mind for many of our clients but why? The future of work has arrived, and this means that the skills that we need to acquire in order to win have changed. Businesses now need to ask themselves where they can find these talents and in the volumes that they need.

Many of our clients are also reconsidering how and where to manage the production and delivery of their services and goods. Given the turmoil we are now witnessing in global supply chains, continuing with business as usual can lead to major risks.

These topics are just a few – coupled with 'disaster recovery panning', 'market intelligence' and 'transformation' – that can be planned for and their risks mitigated through the application of robust location analytics.



  • David Osborne, Principal, Mercer
  • Andrzej Narkiewicz, Partner, Mercer

Webcast details

Language: English

Title: Location and Talent Analytics Deep Dive Session

Date and time: 27. September, 11:00 am


Laura Haeussler