Inclusive Professional Network

A new shape of work is rapidly evolving. Is your company using the right strategies to promote supplier diversity?

The value of a diverse network


of 100 global large US-based organizations already have or plan to dedicate funds for suppliers1


diverse organizations outperform peers2


jobs supported3


U.S. Diverse Businesses4

1 The Hackett Group 
2 McKinsey & Company
3 Natinal Minority Supplier Development Council
4 United States Census Bureau

Why choose Mercer?

This specialty practice group is focused on collaborating with our clients and suppliers on innovative ways to promote supplier diversity. Mercer has dedicated resources that are focused on building sustainable partnerships with diverse firms that have a proven track record of adding value to the solutions we deliver to  clients.

Our guiding principles:

  • Deliver value

    Leverage Mercer's expertise and experience with that of our diverse partners.
  • Ensure compatibility

    Go deep to ensure compatibility with business models and team members.
  • Identify opportunities

    Minimize disruption, focus first on capabilities complementary to Mercer when possible.
  • Reduce risk

    Implement significant process controls, vetting, and scope of services before launch. 
The right benefits strategy is one that maximizes value - not only to the employer, but to employees and their families. Transformation, with an eye toward value, is desperately needed, and Mercer can help.
Phil Styles

Partner, Specialty Practice Leader, Inclusive Professional Network

How we can help

As we have listened to our clients and validating the trends in the marketplace, we realize that increasing spend within supplier diversity with an emphasis on professional services is the key to the future.

To that end, we have launched the Inclusive Professional Network which can help you with:

  • Supplier Diversity Consulting

    Supporting clients on developing, or enhancing supplier diversity program strategies
  • Diverse Supply Chain Management

    Connecting diverse suppliers with opportunities in the public sector

Celebrating Black History Month through supplier diversity

In response to the global call for justice, companies are prioritizing their efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. But it doesn't stop there. At Mercer, we believe in going beyond internal initiatives and investing in the communities we serve. We believe in brighter.

That's why we're inviting certified minority-owned businesses to join forces with Mercer’s Inclusive Professional Network (IPN). As a conduit to sub-contracting opportunities, IPN is dedicated to harnessing the power of supplier diversity and making it accessible. By collaborating with diverse-owned businesses, we not only provide more opportunities, but we also foster innovation and resilience within our organization.

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