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After three years of constant change, such as the pandemic, inflation and political/social upheaval, employees are more focused on securing their financial, physical and emotional health and well-being than by achievement and climbing the ladder.

According to our Inside Employees’ Mind Survey, Long-term financial security, focused on the ability to retire, remains employees’ #2 concern overall, for two years in a row. Here’s why:

Covering monthly expenses claims the top spot among employee concerns two year in a row– with ability to retire and personal debt ranked higher than 2022. 35% of retail workers believe they are “not compensated fairly for what I do”.

Employee burnout remains a top concern with workload/life balance and mental/emotional health remaining in the top 5. 23% of retail workers believe that they can't maintain a reasonable balance between my personal life and work life.

Focus on job security has increased in importance (from #9 last year) with increased financial concerns. 39% of retail workers believe that their career goals can't be met at their current company.

Mercer’s 2023 Inside Employees' Minds Survey

Mercer’s approach

Our primary mission is to support yours. With our 2023 Inside Employee’s Minds Survey and many other resources, we are equipped to help you address the issues you are facing today, such as:
  • Strategies to increase employee retention
  • Reimagining well-being at work
  • Aligning to shifting workforce needs
  • Focusing on Financial Health of Employees


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