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Today’s educational environment faces many pressures and challenges that affect everyone in higher education, including professors, students and administrators. Some of the top issues facing higher education include:

New and continuing challenges including evolving student needs, balancing costs and increase scrutiny of higher education institutions have created greater disruption to educational environments.

Many people have developed higher expectations of higher education institutions, particularly around having higher qualified executives, alignment in roles and strategy and increased need for remote work.

Rewards structures across various institutions are facing the need to evolve their structure, including changes to consistency, cost effectiveness and the need to reflect unique qualifications and contributions of individuals.

Mercer’s approach

The pressures and challenges facing higher education institutions are significant. With over 500 higher education clients  Mercer’s consulting experience in higher education is both broad and deep, and we’re prepared to help you by:
  • Designing tomorrow’s faculty and staff experience
  • Improving Inclusion and Wellness
  • Modernize the HR Operating Model
  • Containing cost and mitigating risk


We are successfully guiding higher education institutions across the country. Some of our solutions include:

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