Transforming the employee digital experience

Digital transformation


Offering a consumer-grade colleague experience — including digitalizing health and well-being offerings and harmonizing HR digital processes and technologies

Redesigning for more cost-effective, flexible work practices, distributed working and digital collaboration

Building a culture based on trust that sustains digital transformation objectives


of employers are set to rapidly digitalize working process, including a significant expansion of remote work.


of CEOs aim to focus on productivity through technology and automation.

Only 4%

of HR teams believe they deliver an exemplary employee experience.  

A more sustainable, consumer-grade digital employee experience

As they prepare for the future of work, most organizations have already embarked on their digital transformation journeys. 

This digital journey has accelerated exponentially over the past two years as the pandemic rapidly pushed processes online and into the cloud. In response, leading employers are adding new digital platforms for everything from connecting and collaborating at work to accessing benefits and digital health solutions.

The expectations are high. Organizations must be strategic and make sustainable, consumer-grade choices precisely aligned with their business and people strategies. Leading with a digital-forward employee value proposition not only helps companies stay agile, it also provides a better-quality employee experience overall — helping to attract and retain talent. And while many employees are digital ready, others will need support in adapting to these new technologies.

Mercer helps clients successfully navigate an entire ecosystem of technology solutions — from advisory, design, deployment and optimization to change management.

Evaluate your business needs Create digital services strategies Deliver effective, engaging solutions
Technology alone does not drive change. Approach technology through a people lens, including your unique business needs and environment and create a digital transformation for your workforce. Get a handle on the entire breadth of services — including Workday, Mercer Belong® and Application Management Services (AMS). Efficiently deliver solutions with a user-centric approach — guaranteeing engagement and an amazing user experience. Solve issues and mine intelligence from your data with AI and machine-learning tools.
Ease administrative burdens Implement change management  Optimize technology
Leverage digital platforms and capabilities that make it easier for you to eliminate administrative burdens in daily work, and improve productivity, user experience and engagement. Mercer’s strategic change management methodology draws on six distinct dimensions of strategic change. Use them to design and implement initiatives that will ensure the success of any transformation. As business processes change, existing platforms can be refined. Reviewing and optimizing technology configuration enhances the return on investment.

Digital transformation: Featured solutions 

  • Workday Services

    Mercer is more than a Workday Partner. We draw on the breadth and depth of our human resources and finance expertise to truly understand your business and build your Workday to drive transformation.  
  • Workday Optimization

    Workday is built to evolve with your organization. Our workforce management ensures your programs, processes and service delivery model are aligned to unlock its full potential. 
  • Application Management Services

    Deployment is just the beginning. We help tailor your enterprise resource planning configuration to your company's requirements, structure and employees.
  • Mercer Belong®

    Mercer Belong® creates an integrated digital experience for your employees, connecting them to all the information and resources they need in one place.
  • Employee experience insights

    Mercer’s EX insights, solutions and services help organizations understand and enhance the employee experience — empowering leaders, managers and human resources to drive positive change.
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