Unlock Workday's full potential with Workday Optimization

Make the most of your HR management software — and unlock your organization’s potential — using Mercer’s optimization for Workday services.

You’ve deployed Workday. Now to optimize it.

Implementing Workday is a major step forward in building a future-ready HR function. But implementation is just the first step. After the deployment phase, it’s time to start thinking about how to optimize the effectiveness of your Workday installation. Workday is built to grow and evolve with your organization. Optimizing the system for your business ensures that you get the best possible return from your investment.

  • Do you need to improve the user experience (UX) for general users and managers?
  • Are you trying to understand recently released features?
  • Do you want to better integrate Workday with your business processes?
  • Are you looking to improve Workday reporting and analytics?

We can help in all these areas — and more.

Mercer has the specialized Workday knowledge and proprietary technology to help you optimize your Workday system. We’ll ensure that you benefit from a high utilization rate and get a fast return on your investment.

How to drive transformation

Watch the video: Mercer has the expertise to ensure that your programs, processes and service delivery models fully align with Workday.

Our Workday optimization services include:

  • Total system health check and audit
  • Integrations with external systems
  • Reporting review and recommendations
  • Business process review and data-driven analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews to understand needs outside of Workday
  • Workday security analysis and audit
  • Organizational structure and workflow assessment 
  • Comprehensive recommendations presentation for how to maximize your Workday investment

Ongoing post-deployment support and updates

We know that after a Workday go-live, it can be difficult to understand and take advantage of all the features Workday rolls out in each bi-annual release. Mercer’s optimization services can help you understand which of these features will really enhance your Workday user experience and improve the system’s efficiency and effectiveness. Pair this with our post-implementation support model to ensure that you’re catching up on what you’ve missed and ensure your system is scalable and poised to embrace future updates.

Mercer’s Workday post-implementation support model focuses on:

  • Keeping your configuration aligned with your business
  • Leveraging the latest Workday updates and new features as they are released
  • Updating old workarounds
  • Ensuring consistent security
  • Making sure Workday is working properly and that it is efficiently aligned with all your business processes
“We selected Mercer because they understood what our key objectives were, including our aggressive timeline, and they were willing to rise to the occasion and live up to our culture.”
Katherine Kenny, Senior Director of HRIS, Concentrix
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