How can you adjust to the new shape of work for success amid volatility? 

Organizations are facing volatility and applying lessons in the pandemic to their plans as they see a new shape of work emerging — one that has profound implications for people, employers and investors.

Embrace new ways of working

People's values have changed. What they want in a responsible employer looks different to what it looks pre-pandemic, and they are looking to shift their relationship with work. Are you ready?

Top opportunities for HR

  • Embracing flexible working

    Leading companies are rethinking how different jobs can flex and how to offer their people more flexibility, whatever life-stage they’ve reached.
  • Benefits employees want now

    Ensure your benefits truly benefit. When on-site and remote employees know you care, it helps you win loyalty, increase performance and productivity, and build workforce resilience.
  • Driving equality of opportunity

    Improving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is crucial for organizations. By making it a priority, you’re taking steps to create a better business — and an inspiring place to go to work.

Embrace flexible work

COVID-19 tested many people’s ability to be flexible in terms of how and where they work. The next challenge for employers is to help everyone move forward by designing and implementing flexible working strategies that are inclusive. Such strategies should embrace all employees at all life stages, and harness the many different forms flexibility can take. 

Leading companies are combining the best of the pre-COVID era with the remote, flexible and digital models that are redefining work today. 

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Protect employee well-being

In an environment defined by constant change, it can be a challenge to provide an effective health and well-being experience — one that is flexible, that helps the full diversity of a workforce, and which employees actually value. As a result, many employers struggle to identify and implement the best new approaches, and fail to deliver the right benefits to all of their employees.

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Real action for real changes

How do you ensure everyone has equal access to the opportunities and experiences that propel careers forward? And how do you know if your pay practices are equitable? Use your data to find answers and identify practical actions to help reach your goals.

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